Patient Preparation in Health Care

This course will give you the knowledge and skills required to prepare a client for examination, including measuring vital signs, measuring height and weight, positioning and draping, use of proper body mechanics, tray preparation and specimen collection. You will learn how to complete a proper health assessment using a review of body systems. Knowledge will be gained in the ares of infection and infection control; medical and surgical asepis, professionalism and communication. All of the knowledge and skills acquired will prepare you for working in a health care setting.

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Health, Food & Medical

Course Offerings

Winter 2020

January 24, 2020 to February 3, 2020
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Days & Times: Mon 9:00AM - 3:00PM Wed 9:00AM - 3:00PM Fri 9:00AM - 3:00PM
Section Number: 07CL
March 9, 2020 to April 6, 2020
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Days & Times: Mon 9:00AM - 12:00PM Thu 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Section Number: 28WCM
Refund Policy: 1 business day before third class