Fascial & Mobility Treatment: T-Spine - Microcredential

This microcredential provides learners with a unique approach to facial and mobilization treatment of the thoracic spine and ribs using various advanced manual therapy techniques. Learners will be taught how identify dysfunction (i.e., immobility) in the thoracic region, create a treatment plan and treat the area effectively. Learners will gain the confidence to use their newly gained skills immediately within their massage, movement, and client mobility practice. This course is suitable for manual practitioners, Occupational Therapy Assistants, Physical Therapy Assistants, and personal trainers; however, participants must be aware of and practice within their profession's scope of practice. Learning Outcomes: 1. Identify and palpate important anatomical structures in the region 2. Be able to assess the region 3. Create an appropriate treatment plan 4. Perform general and specific techniques that address pain and dysfunction in the region Total class hours - 6.
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Health, Food & Medical

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