Infection Control & Reprocessing-Dental


Infection Control & Reprocessing-Dental

Students are introduced to a risk management approach and application to infection prevention and control (IPAC) in the dental environment. IPAC in a dental office is a complex sequential process and a critical component of client safety. Establishing, implementing and monitoring an IPAC program in a dental office requires a representative to take lead and have specific knowledge and comprehension of the scientific principles and methods of asepsis, disinfection and sterilization in line with regulatory body and public health standards. This leadership role requires effective communication to lead a team in maintaining compliance via routine audits and meetings. This course identifies best practice and establishes evidence-based theory and principles of IPAC including but not limited to the following: routine practice, transportation systems, one way work flow, decontamination, drying, packaging selection and technique, package labelling, use of storage space in the reprocessing area, distribution and storage of sterile packaging, sterilization monitoring, process challenging devices, sterilization failure recall system, quality assurance logging, record retention, operatory asepsis, radiography asepsis, laboratory asepsis, environmental cleaning, engineering controls, dental unit water line maintenance, suction line maintenance, anti-retraction valves, general maintenance and care of equipment, written policies and protocols, equipment manufacturer's instructions for use (MIFU), inventory control, ethics and responsibility. Upon successful completion students will be able to take lead of an IPAC program, recognize common errors and problems associated with IPAC and formulate solutions using a risk assessment platform.
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Health, Food & Medical

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Fall 2022

London - Online
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