Industrial Designs in Canada - Microcredential

Industrial Designs in Canada provides learners with an understanding of the importance of industrial designs as a form of intellectual property, intellectual property laws and regulations in Canada relating to industrial designs, as well as the role of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). Learners will gain hands-on experience navigating CIPO's website and related resources pertaining to industrial designs. This microcredential will provide a basic introduction to industrial designs in Canada. It is recommended participants complete the Intellectual Property in Canada - Intro microcredential prior to taking the remaining microcredentials in the series. Learning Outcomes: 1. Define the term industrial design 2. Identify works eligible for industrial design protection under Canadian law 3. Outline the steps to register and industrial design in Canada 4. Apply provisions of the Industrial Design Act and regulations 5. Define the term industrial design infringement 6. Explain the remedies available for industrial design infringement 7. Explain the process for enforcing industrial designs in Canada 8. Navigate and locate information using the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) website Total class hours - 5.
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