Gas Technician 3 Level 1

A Gas Technician 3 (G3) Certificate of Qualification is a mandatory pre-requisite for anyone entering the industry as a Gas Technician. To obtain a Gas Technician 3 Certificate of Qualification you must: Complete standardized training, delivered by a Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) accredited training provider such as Fanshawe College, in accordance with the TSSA training profiles and curriculum. Achieve a passing grade of 75% on TSSA theoretical examinations and practical assessment upon completion of Gas Technician 3 course training. Maintain an 80% attendance record throughout the training program. This course is accredited by the TSSA and complies with the training curriculum requirements of the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000. The course will help prepare you for the TSSA theoretical examination and practical assessment for Gas Technician 3 Certification. Module 1 Safety: Protecting Yourself and Others - Learning Objectives It is essential in our trade as Gas Technicians that we familiarize ourselves with potential safety hazards. We must ensure that we are equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, codes, and technical literature required to do our job safely. Module 2 - Fasteners Hand & Power Tools - Learning Objectives Tools make our work easier and safer. All tools, fasteners, and measurement devices are designed with a specific purpose in mind. In our trade, we must be able to identify and understand the purpose of many different types of tools. This module focuses on common fasteners, hand, and power tools. In later modules we will look at specialized tools used for gas piping and electrical measurement. Module 3 - Properties & Safe Handling of Fuel Gases Learning Objectives Before beginning to work with natural gas or propane we must fully understand their properties and characteristics. Module 4 - Utilization Codes, Acts & Regulations Learning Objectives We are already aware from Module One that there are numerous regulations associated with health and safety.
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