Basic QA Tools & Problem Solving

This problem solving course provides a general understanding of a systematic and structured approach to problem solving. Emphasis is placed on using a systemic problem solving process for root cause analysis versus ' fire-fighting' the symptoms.The structured problem solving approach is a detailed procedure set out as a series of steps that is to be followed as an individual or team progress through the root cause analysis to solution implementation.Practical tools and techniques used in gathering, graphing, and interpreting data needed to identify and resolve problems will be covered. Working with and understanding the use of these tools will form the main part of the course. Class exercises will examine how to apply the problem-solving process, when to apply it, which quality tools to use within it, and how those tools work. During each class time will be spent understanding and practicing some common quality tools and techniques such as, process flow charts and cause and effect diagrams, pareto chart, Is-Is-not analysis, five-why technique and brainstorming. Using lecture notes, class activities and typical problem case studies students will learn a start to finish problem solving methodology.

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Winter 2020

January 8, 2020 to February 26, 2020
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