Fostering Employee Engagement - Microcredential

Learners will learn about what employee engagement is, from there look at ways to measure employee engagement (there will be some self-assessments on learners to see how engaged they are in the workplace and to get hands on with some engagement tools (i.e. Engagement Cards, engagement quizzes, certain performance management tools, etc.). Learners will practice tools with other learners (in small groups) after individual exposure. Learning Outcomes: 1. Learners will be able to describe what employee engagement is. 2. Learners will be able to understand how to measure employee engagement. 3. Learners will be able to list various tools/techniques to help increase employee engagement and be comfortable implementing 1-2 of these tools/techniques. Total class hours - 4.
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Business, Finance & Administration

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Fall 2024

London Campus Off Site
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1 day prior to start

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