Organizational Behaviour

Students in this course will acquire and learn to apply the knowledge and skills necessary to work successfully in any organization. Organizational, team and individual relationships and processes and their impact on organizational outcomes will provide the framework for the course. Within this framework, various topics, including theories of organizational behaviour, decision making, communication, motivation, leadership, values, emotion, conflict, negotiation and perception, will be examined. Students will complete a personality assessment and relate their results to course concepts. This course is HRPA approved and is required to write the Comprehensive Knowledge Exam 1 (CKE1) and/or the Comprehensive Knowledge Exam 2 (CKE2). These exams are part of the attainment of the externally accredited entry level Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation (CKE1) and/or the advanced level Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation (CKE2), respectively. You must achieve a minimum of 65% in any one of the nine CHRP/CHRL courses and an overall average of 70% in these nine courses to be eligible to write the CKE1 and/or CKE 2. For further information on this designation, please see: https://www.hrpa.ca/
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Business, Finance & Administration

MGMT-1017 (Human Resources Management)

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Fall 2024

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