Perioperative Nursing 3

This course focuses on the nursing care required and the various procedures related to ENT, neck/thyroid/parathyroid, paediatrics, plastics/reconstructive, orthopedics, trauma, neurosurgery and ophthalmic surgeries. The adult patient (ages 19-65) is the targeted population with the exception of the paediatric lesson. The overall goal of the course is to present the information and skills required to prepare the nurse to practice within a surgical setting at the beginners level. The Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada (ORNAC) Standards are referred to whenever applicable to support learning. Admission Requirement(s): This course requires current RPN/RN registration with the CNO & completion of parts I & II. Before registration is possible, please email ontariolearn@fanshawec.ca & include the course code(s), your CNO number & your Fanshawe student number. Following verification, we will reply with the next steps to registering. Online registration for this course will not be possible.
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Health, Food & Medical

Take NRSG-1058 (Perioperative Nursing 1) NRSG-3022 (Perioperative Nursing 2)

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Fall 2022

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14 days after course start date

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