RT Neonatal and Pediatric Essentials - Microcredential

RT Neonatal and Pediatric Essentials will provide Respiratory Therapists with the knowledge needed to properly care for the complex needs of the neonatal and pediatric populations. This microcredential is intended for learners who want to refresh their knowledge to transition roles or enter the profession after a period away. Learners will review key pathophysiology's, patient assessment, equipment, and interventions specific to neonatal and pediatric populations as per the National Competency Framework for Respiratory Therapists in Canada. Learning Outcomes: 1. Apply knowledge of common neonatal and pediatric pulmonary and cardiovascular pathophysiology's 2. Assess and monitor neonatal and pediatric patients' cardiorespiratory status 3. Manage the airway in neonatal and pediatric patients 4. Provide optimal ventilation assistance in the neonatal and pediatric populations 5. Execute neonatal and pediatric resuscitation This microcredential is delivered online via Fanshawe online platform. Total class hours - 8.
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Health, Food & Medical

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Summer 2024

London - Online
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