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Guy sitting in front of screens with walkie talkie

911 and Public Safety Communication

Ontario College Certificate

Emergency communications professionals, including 911 dispatchers, provide a calm and reassuring presence to those experiencing a crisis and serve as a vital link in relaying information to police, fire and paramedics. Fanshawe’s 911 and Public Safety Communications one-year program provides students with the foundational knowledge and specialized communication skills required to work in the highly demanding and unpredictable field of public safety communications.

Theatre Arts students, acting on stage in Drums in the Night play

Acting for Screen and Stage

Ontario College Diploma

Do you have a passion for drama, dance, music or performing? Fanshawe’s Acting for Screen and Stage program inspires students to pursue their acting talents and lays the groundwork for a successful career in performance-based media. The business of entertainment is vast and evolving, and jobs for acting can take a variety of functions. From screen and stage characterization to script analysis, voice work and motion capture, you will gain the technical knowledge and experience to apply your creativity in acting.

Two people in individual counselling session

Addictions and Mental Health

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Addictions and Mental Health is a one-year program for graduate students who are committed to advancing their skills and knowledge. This program combines classroom instruction with a field placement for students to work with clients.

Student working on a control board

Advanced Live Digital Media Production

Video has been incorporated into all facets of our lives, in broadcasts, cinema, online, and in every commercial or corporate environment imaginable. Viewers increasingly expect personalized entertainment experiences with live video. Learn to understand and thrive in this live production environment with Fanshawe’s Advanced Live Digital Media Production program. This eight-month graduate certificate will prepare you to work in many aspects of the TV, film, and video production industries as a storyteller, director, or producer.

A student and professor reviewing some paperwork

Aerospace Operations Management

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Aerospace Operations Management is a one-year graduate certificate designed for graduates of engineering programs looking to gain hands-on experience with leading aerospace industry simulation and enterprise resource planning software while also developing their business communication and ethical leadership skills.

Employee behind a service desk

Automotive Sales

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

The Automotive Sales one-year Ontario College Graduate Certificate program will prepare students to specialize in sales and marketing in the broad transportation industry, with a particular focus on the automotive sector.

Professor teaching class


The Anishinaabemowin Paswe'aatigook Language Foundations program is a one-year Ontario college certificate program in which students interested in learning their language and culture are immersed in a learning environment that is located in-community at the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation (COTTFN), southwest of London, Ontario. The primary purpose of this language learning program is to prepare the graduate to be able to speak Anishinaabemowin at a functional level and with conversational fluency and to continue their language learning journey with knowledge of the culture.

Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology, Female holding a clipboard

Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology


The Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology degree equips graduates with extensive knowledge, theory, and practice in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Students will learn to discern evidence-based practices, analyse them, and draw upon their findings to guide their own practice. The program culminates in students completing a thesis on a topic of their choice.

Student in chemistry lab at Fanshawe College looking into microscope

Cannabis Applied Science

Ontario College Graduate Certificate 

Cannabis Applied Sciences is a one-year graduate certificate program designed for students with a background in science. Students will study analytical chemistry techniques, cannabis crop science, and microbiology. This program focuses on new product development and quality assurance while taking pace in cutting-edge labs to prepare you for a career in this growing industry

Construction Engineering Technology students working in concrete design lab

Construction Engineering Technician

Ontario College Diploma
Construction engineering technicians go far beyond just swinging a hammer. They work with general contractors, consultants, and owners to bid for construction work, conduct quality inspections and assist with the organization, supervision and participation of various trades involved in a construction project. And with the construction industry projected to be red-hot for years to come, this program will position you to graduate in strong demand.

Fanshawe Court Support Services student, typing on keyboard and looking at computer monitor in courtroom setting

Court Support Services

Ontario College Certificate

The Court Support Services program provides you with the necessary skills to step into a variety of court service roles within every level of the provincial court system. Your journey will culminate in a field placement giving you the opportunity to have a hands-on, practical experience in the Ontario court system.

Student working on computer showing a presentation on screen

CRM and Sales Management

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Our fast-paced digital economy has created a demand for a technically skilled and resourceful business workforce. The future is digital and this skill set is critical since marketing and sales success depends more and more on digital strategies to attract new customers while retaining and strengthening relationships with current customers. If you’re ready to enhance your sales and marketing career with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Experience (CX) strategies, this one-year graduate certificate is for you.

Fanshawe Digital Communications student, looking at mobile device

Digital Communication Management

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Pursue a career in communications and add practical digital media skills to your resume with this post-graduate program in Digital Communication Management. This intense, one-year program will provide you with functional knowledge and specialized skills in core areas of digital communications including content strategy and curation, user experience and user design.

Fanshawe Flight Services instructor, leading students in lab

Flight Services

Ontario College Certificate

Flight Services is a one-year Ontario certificate program that prepares students to enter the airline industry with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional passenger service. Students will engage in simulations to practice aircraft entry, exit, and emergency procedures. Graduates of this program are prepared for a career as a flight attendant.

Person looking at gauges in food processing facility

Food Processing - Operational Leadership

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

This one-year full-time program is designed to prepare graduates for a supervisory career in the food-processing industry.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

The one-year Mobile Application Development post-grad program will focus on fundamental mobile computer programming topics. If you have a passion for coding, computers and phones, and you’re ready to specialize your skills to land your dream job as a computer programmer in the mobile space, this mobile app development certificate is for you.

Student sitting a circle passing a feather around

Oneida - Language Immersion, Culture and Teaching

Ontario College Advanced Diploma 

The Oneida - Language Immersion, Culture and Teaching program is an Ontario College Advanced Diploma (Accelerated) offered in in-community at the Oneida settlement, southwest of London, Ontario. This program includes immersive language learning that prepares students for a variety of language-related careers including teacher of Onyota’a:ka as a second language, translator, language consultant, language specialist or storyteller.

Business students working together in classroom, talking and taking notes

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Regulatory affairs have become an essential and growing part of the health and life sciences industry. Companies that intend to develop and commercially distribute regulated pharmaceuticals and life-science products (such as drugs, biotechnology, food, recreational plant products, and medical devices) are required to have knowledge of the full spectrum of regulatory requirements. Students in this program will be introduced to regulatory authorities in Canada and around the world that provide approval for the product development, manufacturing, and marketing for these types of products.

Mobile Application Development

User Experience Design

Ontario College Graduate Certificate

At the heart of every innovative solution and product is user experience (UX) design. Learn to generate innovative solutions and products that meet the needs of diverse audiences using human-centred design practises and design research frameworks. You will become immersed in all aspects of the user experience, creating new solutions that are usable, enjoyable, and accessible.

Welding student in dark setting with helmet on and sparks flying

Welding and Fabrication Technician

Ontario College Diploma

Welding and Fabrication Technician is a two-year Ontario College Diploma program with a paid co-op component. Students will learn a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge in the new state-of-the-art welding lab. Graduates will feel confident entering the workforce after a significant amount of in-lab practice time to master their craft.

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