What does online mean?

Online learning involves you, the student, connecting to FanshaweOnline (FOL) so that you can complete the requirements necessary to achieve your credit in the course. FOL is a website that is customized for each student, allowing them access to their specific courses and to other non-course sites that might be useful.

FOL holds all of the course materials you will need, such as documents, presentations, videos, assignments and quizzes. Your professor will provide you with an orientation to each course, outlining their expectations for your participation, and how they will communicate with you. Communication is very important in online courses, since the professor may never actually meet you face to face. 

Do I have to log on at certain times?

This will be dependent on the course and instructor. Each instructor will outline the requirements for communication and online presence with you at the start of classes. You will be encouraged to log on every day.   

How much time should I be spending on my online courses?

Full-time online students have the same course load as a full-time in-class student. However, the benefit of online studies, is that you can manage your own time. Most courses are 3 hours per week. However, this does not include time for reading, assignments, group work, and discussions. You can expect to spend an additional 3 hours per week per course, for a total time commitment of about 36 hours per week for a 6 course load.  This will vary depending on the student.

Can I work full time and take online courses?

Being a full-time online student requires a large time commitment in order to complete the necessary requirements. You can apply to attend Fanshawe as a part-time online student if this more convenient with your work schedule.

Can I do the courses at my own pace (i.e. hand things in when I want, move ahead and start another course)?

This will depend on the instructor and course. It is more common that instructors have set due dates for assignments or deliverables, and will only release current course content. This helps ensure students are kept on track.

How do I get my books?

Required course textbooks are listed in the course information sheet, which can be accessed once you have successfully logged in to your course via FanshaweOnline. You can also find the books required through the Fanshawe Campus Store. You will need to know your program code. You can purchase textbooks online or in the store. Shipping estimates and prices are also available.

When will I receive my course material?

All course material will be made available by the instructor on FanshaweOnline (FOL) on the first day of classes. For help with FanshaweOnline, please see the Online Tools page.

How do I write my exams?

There are a number of options for completing the tests and exams in your online course. Please refer to our Test Centre for more information.

It is important that you notify your instructor as early as possible about the testing option you prefer. Some testing options have fees associated with them. It is possible to have up to 10 tests per year of study for an estimated cost of $250.

How do I get my student card?

Full-time online students can obtain a student card by following these steps.

What kind of computer do I need?

For online learning, you will require a computer with the minimum technical and software requirements. You will also need reliable Internet access.

Do I have to buy the computer from Fanshawe?

You can purchase or use your own computer, as long as it meets the minimum requirements posted at the link above. You can obtain some software for free as a student. Follow the instructions on how to download it at the Fanshawe Connect site. You will need your FanshaweOnline account ID and password to download.

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