Lead in the dynamic and complex field of agribusiness - 2020/2021

Agribusiness is the study of agricultural production - managing every step of the supply chain from farm to table and everything in between. A dynamic and complex field, agribusiness is adaptive and flexible, responding to new technological advances while remaining sustainable globally.

Fanshawe's Agri-Business Management graduate certificate will allow you to enter the agricultural sector at a supervisory level, preparing you to either manage an existing organization or as an entrepreneur. You’ll graduate with a competitive edge – understanding business fundamentals and industry specific training. Watch our program video to learn more.

In just eight months, our program will cover:

  • Sales and marketing;
  • Human resources and relationship management;
  • Occupational health and safety;
  • Accounting and finance;
  • Food safety and traceability;
  • Safe handling and application of pesticides;
  • Precision technologies such as GPS and drone applications.

Finding the balance between theory and practice is what Fanshawe does best. Our Agri-Business Management program offers traditional lectures and practical hands-on training, as well as a six week field placement, giving you the experience you need to succeed.

Features and benefits:

  • Practical learning: The class time provides you with theory while the field placement gives you real world experience;
  • Specialized training: In less than year, you will be on the fast track to a management career.



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Learning Outcomes

  1. Manage key operations (e.g., marketing, recruitment, finance) of a small to medium-sized agricultural enterprise.
  2. Communicate business-related information persuasively and accurately in oral, written, and graphic formats.
  3. Manage employees in compliance with provincial Acts to ensure their safety and productivity.
  4. Manage an agri-business enterprise within the confines of regulatory requirements and public policy.
  5. Assess new and emerging technologies available for use in an agri-business environment, and arrange for the effective implementation of these technologies.
  6. Promote an agri-business and its products through new media and other platforms.
  7. Build and maintain customer relations within agricultural lending and sales contexts.
  8. Discover innovative solutions to address business problems and opportunities related to an agri-business venture.
  9. Research and interpret information related to an agri-business enterprise to ensure its efficiency and economic viability.
  10. Develop strategies for personal and professional development to enhance work performance and maximize opportunities in an agri-business enterprise.

Program Details

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Canadian Students

Start Dates

Full Time Offerings

2021 September
London South Campus
2022 January
2022 May

International Students

Start Dates
2022 January
2022 May
Program Code
Academic School

Simcoe Contact:

Jessica Ryde, Student Services

London South Program Coordinator:

Sandra Wilson, MSc, CRSP, CHSC

Day Time
Ontario College Graduate Certificate
36 weeks