• Overview - 2019/2020

    If you're already a part of the excitement and joy that comes from a career in a professional kitchen, then the Cook II [Apprenticeship] program will add to the satisfaction by providing you with more specialized skills to add to your already impressive culinary repertoire.

    By spending two days a week in the classroom, you'll explore basic cooking methods while enhancing your cooking arsenal through advanced and cutting-edge studies in international cooking, baking and garde-manger. The modern food connoisseur is educated and intelligent. The skills you'll develop in the Cook II program will help serve the modern consumer with cutting-edge techniques, and knowledge about sustainable and locally grown food sources. You'll be trained as a modern cook, for modern tastes.

    As well, you'll be ready to write your nationally recognized Red Seal Certificate of Qualification. There's more, with the paid Apprenticeship component of the program, you'll put your mind to work solving real kitchen problems, while putting your skills to the test under the direction of experienced Chefs with shorter lengths of classroom or online training.

    If you are ready to add value and satisfaction to your already impressive culinary tool box, the Cook II program will deliver.


  • More Information - 2019/2020

    Learning Outcomes 
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