• Build your career at Fanshawe's carpentry school - 2019/2020

    Women in Carpentry InitiativeAre you looking for carpentry courses for the training that will prepare you to be a valuable member of a residential construction/renovation jobsite? If this is the education you are looking for, Carpentry and Renovation Techniques is the program for you.

    What to expect from our carpentry courses

    This carpentry program takes students from building layout, through the completion of framing for a residential construction project. Students will gain the required knowledge with respect to blueprint reading, building code, construction methods, building materials, tools and jobsite safety in an interactive classroom environment. Students will then apply their skills in a variety of hands-on carpentry courses. In addition to new construction, students will apply their experiences to a variety of renovation projects.

    Graduates from this carpentry program will be prepared for a variety of job opportunities within the residential construction/renovation sector.

    Women in Carpentry

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    CRQ1 program progression

    Fall (September) start date:

    Fall Winter
    Start Level 1 Level 2


  • Admission Requirements - 2019/2020

    OSSD with courses from the College (C), University (U),
    University/College (M), or Open (O) stream WITH:
    - Any Grade 12 Mathematics* (C) or (U)
    Academic and Career Entrance Certificate (ACE)
    Pre-Technology Ontario College Certificate
    Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate (GED) AND:
    - Any Grade 12 Mathematics* (C) or (U)
    Mature Applicant with standing in the required course stated above

    • *Applicants who lack the required course may be admitted to the program subject to appropriate prior upgrading.

    English Language Requirements

    Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to demonstrate proficiency in English by one of the following methods:

    • A Grade 12 College Stream or University Stream English credit from an Ontario Secondary School, or equivalent, depending on the program's Admission Requirements
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test with a minimum score of 550 for the paper-based test (PBT), or 79 for the Internet-based test (iBT), with test results within the last two years
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic test with an overall score of 6.0 with no score less than 5.5 in any of the four bands, with test results within the last two years. SDS Program Requirements. 
    • Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) test with an overall score of 60 with no score less than 50 in any of the four bands, with test results within the last two years
    • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) with a minimum score of 53, with test results within the last two years
    • A Cambridge English Test (FCE/CAE/CPE) with an overall score on the Cambridge English Scale of 169 with no language skill less than 162, with test results within the last two years
    • An English Language Evaluation (ELE) at Fanshawe College with a minimum score of 70% in all sections of the test, with test results within the last two years
    • Fanshawe College ESL4/GAP5 students: Minimum grade of 80% in ESL4/GAP5 Level 8, 75% in ESL4/GAP5 Level 9, or 70% in ESL4/GAP5 Level 10

    Recommended Academic Preparation

    • It is recommended that students in the Academic and Career Entrance Certificate (ACE) program take a Technical or Apprenticeship Mathematics course within the ACE program.

    Recommended Personal Preparation

    • Summer employment in construction or related activity

    Advanced Standing

    • Credit for any course in the program will be given to students who can demonstrate that they have the required skills to meet the objectives of the course.

    Applicant Selection Criteria

    Where the number of eligible applicants exceeds the available spaces in the program, the Applicant Selection Criteria will be:
    1. Preference for Permanent Residents of Ontario
    2. Receipt of Application by February 1st (After this date, Fanshawe College will consider applicants on a first-come, first-served basis until the program is full)
    3. Achievement in the Admission Requirements
    • Admission to the Fanshawe College Pre-Technology program does not guarantee admission in a subsequent year to the Carpentry and Renovation Techniques program. Successful completion of the Fanshawe College Pre-Technology program, however, does enable the student to be given additional consideration when applying to the Carpentry and Renovation Techniques program. The Pre-Technology program is the preferred designated preparatory program for admission to the Carpentry and Renovation Techniques program.
  • Courses

    Carpentry and Renovation Techniques-2019/2020

    Level 1
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    CONS-1047Drawings & Takeoff-Intro3
    The purpose of this course is to introduce the students to the basics of reading building construction blueprints for residential projects. In addition, students will be introduced to basic construction quantity takeoff to help reinforce the reading and interpretation of blueprints.
    MATS-1024Materials & Methods 14
    This course, based on residential construction, will offer the students insight to both Methods and Materials involved in excavation, formwork and floor framing.
    COMP-1327Computer Applications3
    This course will provide a study of word processing and spreadsheet functions as utilized by the construction industry. This study will be applied to the efficient creation of reports and to the utilization of spreadsheets to produce construction project related data.
    CONS-1076Forming & Framing3
    In this course, students will apply residential building knowledge in a hands on, project driven learning environment. Building layout, concrete formwork and floor framing will be the main focus of study throughout the term.
    In this course students will be introduced to the safe use, care and maintenance of a variety of hand, portable, and stationary power tools typically used in residential construction. The practical nature of this project-driven course will facilitate accurate, efficient and effective use of construction tools.

    Level 2
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    WRIT-1039Reason & Writing 1-Technology3
    This course will introduce technology students to essential principles of reading, writing, and reasoning at the postsecondary level. Students will identify, summarize, analyze, and evaluate multiple short readings and write persuasive response essays to develop their vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and critical thinking.
    CONS-5014Framing Methods4.5
    In this course, students will apply residential building knowledge in a hands on project driven learning environment. Floor, wall, and roof framing will be the main focus of study throughout the term.
    MATS-1025Materials & Methods 24
    This course, based on residential construction, will offer the students insight to both Methods and Materials involved in framing and exterior finishing. Green and sustainable building practice will be an underlying theme throughout the course.
    CONS-3020Construction Takeoff & Ordering3
    In this course, the student will be introduced to general quantity surveying principles, and basic rules for take-off. Students will calculate lengths, areas, and volumes for a single storey residential/commercial building on a level site. Included will be the calculation of quantities in the following area: site work, excavation, concrete, formwork, masonry and framing. Students will incorporate blue-print reading, code requirements and safety regulations in preparing the above quantities.
    HIST-1045Canadian Residential Building History3
    This course is a study of residential construction techniques and materials in Canada from the Victorian era until the present. Significant developments in style, technology, and techniques of construction will be studied to provide the student with and understanding of the evolution of residential construction.
    DRAF-1060Graphic Communication2
    This course will take the knowledge gained from Intro to Drawings & Takeoff and apply it to prepare preliminary and working drawings. Basic orthographic and isometric sketching skills, which are a useful communication tool on the job site, will also be covered.

    Program Residency
    Students Must Complete a Minimum of 9 credits in this
    program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
    requirement and graduate from this program

  • Careers - 2019/2020

    Career Opportunities

    Graduates of this program will find opportunities within the residential and light commercial industries with general contractors, framers, and building material suppliers. Graduates may fill various roles including general labourers, carpenters assistant, or yard labour. Graduates may also pursue a General Carpentry Apprenticeship.

  • More Information - 2019/2020

    A One-Year Ontario College Certificate Program
    Offered as a Weekday Program 

    Program Code: CRQ1
    Campus Code: LC (LC - London)
    September Admission
    15 week terms
    Academic Calendars available at www.fanshawec.ca/academicdates
    Donald J. Smith School of Building Technology

    Program Description

    The program provides training in the skills required for on-site general carpentry and construction work, including the safe operation and maintenance of hand, portable, and stationary power tools. Students will study the layout and construction of a residential build from footings through roof framing. Emphasis is placed on developing and practicing the hands-on skills needed in the field.

    Other Information

    • Students who successfully complete the requirements for an Ontario College Certificate from the Carpentry and Renovation Techniques program and wish to continue in the second year of the Carpentry and Renovation Technician program to complete the requirements for an Ontario College Diploma must complete an "Application for Program Transfer" form available from the Office of the Registrar, Room E1012.
    • Applicants applying to the Weekend version of the program will attend classes on Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday and may be required to complete online courses. All courses are equivalent to the full-time weekday program.
    Learning Outcomes 

    The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to

    1. identify and use strategies to enhance work performance and continued learning to keep pace with industry changes.
    2. identify and adhere to established health and safety practices that apply to specific job sites, in accordance with current legislation and regulations.
    3. perform building construction and renovation tasks in compliance with contracts, the Ontario and/or National Building Codes, applicable laws and industry's ethical practices.
    4. work in accordance with established sustainability practices.
    5. communicate and collaborate with diverse clients, supervisors and tradespersons to complete projects on time and to maintain effective working relationships.
    6. assist with maintaining accurate project documents and use computer technologies to support building construction and renovation projects.
    7. solve on-site trade-related building and renovation problems by applying principles of basic technical mathematics and building science.
    8. select, maintain and safely operate hand tools, and portable and stationary power tools, to efficiently complete building construction and renovation tasks.
    9. assist with the completion of building and renovation stages, from site layout and footings to the application of interior and exterior finishes, according to specifications.
    10. assist in the preparation of material estimations according to building construction and renovation project documents.

    Program Pathways

    For information about Program Pathways visit www.fanshawec.ca/programpathways.
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