• Overview - 2018/2019

    It takes time before you can enjoy the fruits of your labour, but with Fanshawe's Horticulture Technician Apprenticeship program, we can help make sure that you enjoy yourself in this growing field.

    As a student, you'll receive two to three years of on-the-job training from an employer in the horticulture industry before receiving in-class training sessions. You'll learn how to build and maintain landscapes, gardens and indoor spaces. You'll also study arboriculture, landscape design, plant identification, and plant production, and business management.

    After you complete the program, you'll be more than prepared to write the qualification exam administered by the provincial government. From there, you can find meaningful employment in a job where you'll rarely – if ever – be asked to sit behind a desk. You'll find exciting job opportunities with design-build firms, nurseries and greenhouses, golf courses, garden centres, landscapers as well as parks and botanical gardens.

    If you're ready to work and want combine training with earning power, consider the apprenticeship where you mix workplace training under the direction of experienced horticulturists with shorter lengths of classroom or online training.


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    Learning Outcomes 
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