• Overview - 2019/2020

    Want to dive right into your work and get started? With Fanshawe's Industrial Mechanic – Millwright program, you'll be ready to begin a career where you'll be installing, maintaining, and repairing machinery and tools used to do the dirty work.

    As a student, you'll learn how to examine and diagnose problems associated with mechanical or automated equipment. To master a trade you need specific training, and that's why Fanshawe's classrooms and labs will give you an understanding of new technology that will affect your day-to-day tasks. You'll work with hand and power tools as well as welding equipment and you may be required to operate hoisting and lifting devices as well.

    After you complete the program and required on-the-job hours, you'll be more than prepared to write your trade exam and achieve journeyperson status on your way to starting a career as an industrial millwright. If you're ready to work and want to combine training with earning power, consider an apprenticeship where you mix workplace-based training under the direction of experienced workers with shorter lengths of classroom or online training.


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