Agricultural Equipment Technician - John Deere Ag Tech [Apprenticeship]

The Agricultural Equipment Technician - John Deere Ag Tech apprenticeship program teaches students specialized skills needed to solve complex problems with John Deere equipment. Students will learn to diagnose, maintain and repair John Deere agricultural equipment, and will finish with an additional 4 months of training on the latest John Deere technology.

Graduate with a skill set in high demand by an industry leader in agricultural technology. - 2022/2023

By joining the John Deere technical team you’ll be given the training to choose a challenging career with an industry leader. 


From the shop floor to the front desk, from management to consultation, the Agricultural Equipment Technician – John Deere Tech [Apprenticeship] program will give you an edge over traditional farm equipment apprenticeship grads because you’ll have completed an additional four-months of training on the latest, cutting-edge John Deere technology. 

As well, you’ll be paid to work at a John Deere dealership where you’ll be able to try a number of behind the scenes jobs, as well as front-end work to help you determine your best career path.

When you graduate, you’ll be in high-demand with a skill set built on the latest technology advancements in agricultural equipment. Plus, you'll graduate with a joint John Deere/Fanshawe College Certificate of Achievement.

This is an apprenticeship program where students combine paid, on-the-job training from skilled tradespeople, with a full-time, on-campus classroom component from experienced skilled trade instructors. The classroom component includes three levels of theoretical training.


This is an apprenticeship program. You cannot apply to this program through Applicants need a sponsor/employer. Your sponsor/employer must register you with:

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Apprenticeship/Client Services
72-1200 Commissioners Road East 
London, Ontario, N5Z 4R3 
MLTSD is responsible for scheduling your in-school training at Fanshawe College.


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Learning Outcomes

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


Program Details

Program Code

Program Coordinator:

Peter Louwagie

Day Time
Ontario College Certificate


Level 1 - Basic
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
FEMC-1051Implements & Integrated Solutions2.5
The student will learn to diagnose and repair precision agricultural systems by performing a visual inspection, diagnosing and troubleshooting, repairing and verifying the repair of precision agricultural systems, components and implements according to manufacturer's recommendations, specifications and safety requirements.
FEMC-1050System Diagnosis6
Students will learn advanced diagnostic skills in the following topic areas: trade practices, fluid power, engines, electrical and drive train systems.
MPAP-1022Trade Practices2.5
To be supplied
MPAP-1023Fluid Power Systems1.5
To be supplied
MPAP-1024Engine Systems2.5
To be supplied
MPAP-1025Electrical Systems2.5
To be supplied
MPAP-1026Fuel Systems1.5
This course will enable the students to gain an understanding of the purpose, construction and operating principles of diesel fuel system circuits and components.
MPAP-1027Drive Train Systems2.5
To be supplied
MPAP-1028Wheel End Assemblies & Brake Systems1.5
To be supplied
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