• Overview - 2019/2020

    With all the building and installing that comes with being a machinist, it might be hard to imagine ever being bored. The General Machinist Apprenticeship, offered through the Ontario Youth Apprentice-YES program, will give you the support and training you need to find a career in this exciting field.

    You'll learn to build, install, operate, maintain and repair machines in a supportive environment that will help you reach your full potential.

    Ready to get your hands dirty and start working? You'll also learn to operate precision metal-cutting instruments and grinding machines including lathes, drills, grinders, and milling machines.

    Fanshawe's program will also ensure that you learn the sophisticated computerized numeric control (CNC) systems that are part of the modern machinist's toolkit. If you like working with numbers and have strong reading skills, then the opportunities for a satisfying and rewarding career as a machinist are endless.

    Central to the program is the apprenticeship component. Here, you'll work under the instruction of experienced workers who will teach you skills you will need to succeed with shorter lengths of classroom or online training.

    If you like learning and working side-by-side, consider pursuing this program that will show you the path to becoming a Machinist.

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