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Program delivery note: Fanshawe will temporarily deliver programs this fall either fully online or in a blend of online and face to face. Delivery format may change for January 2021 and onwards.

SPECIAL NOTICE: In order to maintain physical distancing and comply with public health regulations, Fanshawe may deliver this program through a blend of online and face to face classes this fall, where Ministry-approved. Students will need to have technology necessary to complete online learning and this may include a webcam, internet access and a computer. Please consult your Program Coordinator for applicability to your level of study.

Overview - 2020/2021

The satisfaction of working hard, with your hands, and seeing the results of your labour daily is as good as it gets. As a sheet metal worker, one of the most valuable jobs in the skilled trades, you’ll learn the skills to get your career going and your hands working. At Fanshawe and during your apprenticeship, you’ll learn to work with punches and drill presses, sheers and brakes.

You’ll work with the latest laser or plasma-cutting equipment, under the guidance of professionals who will offer guidance and inside information about this in-demand field. When you graduate, you’ll know how to fabricate, assemble, install and repair sheet metal products such as heating, cooling and ventilation shafts, eavestroughs and sheet metal buildings.

You want to combine training with earning power, so consider an apprenticeship where you mix workplace-based training under the direction of experienced workers with shorter lengths of classroom or online training. You’ll find work with construction firms, heating and cooling companies and parts manufacturers. You’ll work with other tradespeople to build commercial, industrial and residential buildings or to customize equipment and products.

You need to be good with numbers, physically fit and comfortable working alone or as part of a team. You’ll leave the job site every day knowing you’re building a legacy.


This is an apprenticeship program.
You cannot apply to this program through

Applicants need a sponsor/employer.
Your sponsor/employer must register you with:

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Apprenticeship/Client Services
72-1200 Commissioners Road East 
London, Ontario, N5Z 4R3 
MAESD is responsible for scheduling your in-school training at Fanshawe College.

More information about Apprenticeships at Fanshawe.

Employment Ontario
This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada.



Sheet Metal Apprentice-2020/2021

Level 1 - Basic
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
SHMT-1019Fabricates for Shop & Field3.5
This course focuses on the best practices for the shop fabrication and installation of various sheet metal objects by the sheet metal apprentice. This includes the layout, cutting, bending, forming and rolling of sheet metal to make products within specific criteria, tolerances and measurements. The students will also study the different metals and materials used by the sheet metal worker in both the shop and the field. They will also learn how to solder sheet metal fittings and objects properly in accordance with best practices. They will study the various edges, seams and duct connections that can be used to fabricate various sheet metal items and learn how to best decide which ones to use depending on the situation. Also, the students will examine the safe practices of rigging and hoisting of loads in the shop and field.
SHMT-1020Hand/Power Tools & Shop Equipment2.5
Apprentices will learn about the various hand and power tools used in both the sheet metal shop and in field installations, specifically the selection, proper use and specific safety measures required. They will also study the proper selection, setup and safe use of equipment and machines used in the sheet metal shop to fabricate various sheet metal items. Classroom learning will be reinforced with the students use of many of the tools and machines discussed by fabricating sheet metal items in the shop to meet specific tolerances and requirements.
SHMT-1021Lay-out & Drafting 14.5
Level 1 Lay-out and Drafting Equipment and Applied Geometry This course will enable the students to gain an understanding of the purpose, construction and operating principles of developing fittings and products, using parallel line, radial line and triangulation. The apprentice will have demonstrated the ability to develop and cut patterns accurately, for fittings, employing the parallel line, radial line and triangulation method, to the tolerances required by drawings and specifications.
SHMT-1022Read, Interpret & Produce Drawings2
Topics include: Read Drawings and Specifcations to Determine Work to be Performed; Produce Free-hand Sketches and Drawings to Illustrate to Others Work to be Performed.
WELD-1053Weld & Cut 11.5
The apprentice will have demonstrated the ability to set up and operate oxy-fuel cutting equipment and plasma arc cutting equipment. The apprentice will have demonstrated the ability to weld using shielded metal arc welding(S.M.A.W) and gas metal arc welding(G.M.A.W) equipment.

Level 2-Intermediate
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
SHMT-3010Install HVAC Systems & Components2.5
Recommend installation procedures for a completed duct system, including components in accordance with manufacturers specifications and SMACNA standards. Recommend installation procedures for a completed industrial duct system including components in accordance with SMACNA specifications. Demonstrate the ability to distinguish the need for sound abatement and recommend installation techniques according to specifications and SMACNA standards.
SHMT-3011Install Roofing & Architectural Metal1.5
Identify, fabricate and install required flashing, metal roof and drainage systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings in accordance with SMACNA standards and specifications. Recommend installation and fabrication procedures for various roofing accessories.
SHMT-3012Lay-out & Drafting 25
Level 2 Lay-out and Drafting This course will enable the students to demonstrate the ability to develop and cut patterns accurately for fittings employing parallel line lay-out, radial line lay-out and triangulation method.
SHMT-3013Interpret & Design Systems 15
Calculate and design a complete residential HVAC system. Calculate and produce a residential duct design. Complete a takeoff for residential duct system.
WELD-3012Weld & Cut 21.5
Level 2 Weld and Cut This course will enable the students to demonstrate the ability to Gas Metal Arc Weld(GMAW), adhering to codes and standards as specified and Gas Tungsten Arc Weld(GTAW), adhering to codes and standards as specified.

Level 3 - Advanced
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
SHMT-5002Test, Adjust & Balance2.5
Define the properties of air and their relationship to moisture for human comfort. Recommend installation and testing techniques required for air moving devices. Measure, record and adjust to produce a balanced system.
SHMT-5003Fabricate/Install Specialized Systems3
This course will enable the students to demonstrate the ability to: Describe techniques for installation and fabrication of industrial components based on applicable standards and job specifications. Design an industrial material handling system using velocity reduction. Recommend installation procedures for grilles, registers, diffusers and troffers to provide effective air distribution based on applicable codes, standards and regulations.
SHMT-5004Lay-out & Drafting 35.5
Level 3 Lay-out and Drafting This course will enable the students to demonstrate the ability to develop and cut patterns accurately for rectangular fittings requiring triangulation to tolerance, employing the principal method of triangulation to tolerances required and employing short cuts to triangulation to tolerances required.
SHMT-5005Interpret & Design Systems 23
This course will enable the students to demonstrate the ability to: Produce a load estimate on a commercial and industrial building both manually and with related computer software. Design a commercial duct system using the equal friction method of duct sizing. Complete a job take-off for both a commercial and an industrial job.
WELD-5006Weld & Cut 31.5
Level 3 Weld and CutThis course will enable the students to demonstrate the ability to Gas Metal Arc Weld(GMAW) and Gas Tungsten Arc Weld(GTAW) on light gauge metal.

Program Residency
Students Must Complete a Minimum of 12 credits in this
program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
requirement and graduate from this program

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