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Program Requirements

Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
Expected Availability
CreditsFall Winter Summer
Professional Basic Manicure/Spa ManicureAEST-10404NoYes
Students will learn the anatomy and physiology of the hand and arm, and will perform a basic and spa manicure including proper cuticle care clipping and filing. Professional conduct and etiquette is extremely important in the esthetics industry and will be discussed and demonstrated in this course.
Professional Pedicure/Spa PedicureAEST-10414NoYes
Students will learn the anatomy and physiology of the foot, leg and nail,including proper sanitization and sterilization. Students will perform a pedicure and spa pedicure, with proper callous removal, clipping and filing in a professional manner.
Esthetics WaxingAEST-10423NoYes
Through demonstration and supervised hands on practice the students will learn various hair removal treatments for the face and different parts of the body, including the hair anatomy and its growth cycles. Students will understand the importance of sanitization and sterilization and gain knowledge of various waxing precautions. Proper client etiquette and professional conduct will be discussed.
Esthetics Make-Up Artistry Level 1AEST-10433NoNo
Students will discuss the fundamentals and theory of natural day, evening and bridal make up applications along with knowledge of analyzing facial features and corrective make-up techniques. Emphasis in this course is on practical demonstration and experience.
Esthetics Body CareAEST-10456NoNo
This comprehensive course focuses on body wellness, beginning with extensive training in anatomy and physiology including the lymphatic system. Students learn and practice various body wraps and polishing treatments, including techniques for Cellulite and Swedish massage, and an understanding of hot stone therapy, followed by supervised hands on practice.
Spa Business IntroBUSI-10972NoYes
Students will learn techniques to successful spa marketing, promotions, and advertising along with gaining confidence in selling products. Students will explore effective client retention and customer service, and ways to building a clientele.

Additional Req'ment
Take 1 of the following groups:

Group 1
Expected Availability
CreditsFall Winter Summer
Skin CareAEST-10466NoNo
Students will learn the fundamentals of identifying different skin types, performing a skin analysis, and recognizing skin conditions and disorders. Students will also be able to recognize and treat skin issues by choosing proper skincare products and appropriate machinery.

Group 2
Expected Availability
CreditsFall Winter Summer
Skin Care 1AEST-10523NoYes
Through supervised hands on practise, students will learn the fundamentals of identifying different skin types; perform a skin analysis, and recognize skin conditions and disorders. Diagnose and treat skin issues by choosing proper skincare products. Understand the importance of recommending home care products.
Skin Care 2AEST-10533NoYes
Through supervised hands on practise, students will learn the fundamentals of identifying different skin types; how to choose the correct products for each skin types. Students will learn how to operate skin care machinery and how to properly perform skin extractions and lash and brow tinting

Program Residency
Students Must Complete a minimum of 7 credits in this
program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
requirement and graduate from this program

Program Details

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