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Program Description

This program is designed for beginners to the language and will help you grow your communications skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) so that you can communicate in French with confidence. Graduates can use their new skills in the French language to further their careers in communications, marketing, administration, sales, customer relations, etc., or for personal pleasure while travelling. 

This is an online program, offered through OntarioLearn. The delivery is asynchronous and students will be able to decide their own schedule, with the exceptions of assignment/test deadlines. 


Program Requirements

Level 1
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
Expected Availability
CreditsFall Winter Summer
French 1FREN-10043YesYes
The objective of this course is mastery of rudimentary language skills. With the use of simple structures and vocabulary, learners describe personal attributes, formulate simple questions and responses and conjugate in the present tense. Emphasis is given to speech as well as written forms. Students use technology for oral communication practice and evaluation. Short texts bring to light family life and French culture, relating to customs, activities and celebrations in Canada and around the world. Note: A headset or microphone and speakers are required for the oral parts of this course.
French 2FREN-30043YesYes
The student will sustain development of language skills by extending vocabulary with regard to all activities after work such as weekend chores, leisure, sports including holidaying abroad. The grammatical structures at this level continue to be simple. Through systematic exercises the student becomes more confident and moves on from level 1 present tense and near future to the past tense. The student at the end of this level will be able to share more extensively life at home as well as describe a real or imagined past holiday in a French speaking country. Note: A headset or microphone and speakers are required for the oral parts of this course.
French 3FREN-50023YesYes
The progressive acquisition, reinforcement, and creative use of language structures will give the student confidence to self-expression. By analyzing, comparing and applying the French past tenses, the student will have the basic tools to story telling. At this level, the student will be encouraged to express simple and complex sentence structures. Anecdotes by authors from French speaking Canada will serve as models for the final task. Note: A headset or microphone and speakers are required for the oral parts of this course.
French 4FREN-50033YesYes
In addition to a more rigorous approach to vocabulary and grammatical structures with every class the student will continue to develop everyday situations practiced at earlier levels. Grammatical sentence structures are more complex at this level with the expansion of the past, present, future and conditional verb tenses. Articles from French speaking Canada serve as language models and provide a cultural perspective on current issues. Towards the end of the course language skills include the ability to convey necessity, obligation, probability, and or expectation with regards to past experiences, work and education and the future. Note: A headset or microphone and speakers are required for the oral parts of this course.
French 5FREN-50043YesYes
The objective of this course is to expand vocabulary skills through exposure of the diversity of the French language. This is done with the support of literary, political, social and cultural articles from the French speaking world. At this level, grammatical and sentence structures are interesting and complex. At the end of this course the student will have discussed and researched current affairs of French speaking Canada, given an opinion, given advice; expressed regret to hypothetical actions in the past, as well as applied verb tenses that establish sequential order to past actions. Note: A headset or microphone and speakers are required for the oral parts of this course.
French EcritFREN-50053YesYes
The aim of this course is to expose you to the most important written structures of the French Language. You will be able to apply proper grammar and use a wide range of vocabulary accurately and effectively.

Program Residency
Students Must Complete a Minimum of 5 credits in this
program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
requirement and graduate from this program

Program Details

Program Code
Topic Area
Communication and Languages
Declaration of Academic Achievement