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Program Description

This fully online program is offered through OntarioLearn and is designed to give students the basic skills required to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit in creating and operating a small business. Students will first learn the basic concepts of starting their small business, then will have the freedom & flexibility to select from a variety of applicable business electives to suit their individual needs.


Program Requirements

Level 1

Group 1
Take the following Mandatory Course:
Expected Availability
CreditsFall Winter Summer
How to Start a Small BusinessMGMT-10492YesYes
This course will guide the businessperson through the process of setting up a business. Content areas include feasibility study, forms of ownership, financing, operations, marketing plans and personal skills. In short, this course will help you to understand the facets of running a business.

Group 2
Take 3 of the following courses: BUSI-1080
COMP-1564 ACCT-1082 MKTG-1081
COMM-1101 BUSI-1210 MGMT-1220
Expected Availability
CreditsFall Winter Summer
Small Business Financial ManagementBUSI-10804YesYes
The major purpose of this course is to prepare students to assume a role as entrepreneur, acting as a general manager, as opposed to an accounting technician or a financial specialist. The emphasis is on developing a broad understanding of those accounting and financial management concepts and terminologies which will serve them in the course of starting and operating a small business.
Computer Applications for BusinessCOMP-15643YesYes
In this course, students will have exposure to a comprehensive windows-based financial spreadsheet package to enhance their problem solving abilities. The package used will be Microsoft Excel for Windows. The student will use this as a tool to prepare various reports and presentations and applications which can be transferred in work commonly performed in the modern office. Students will gain hands on experience in learning and understanding the software, as well as creating and developing spreadsheet applications. Students will develop and enhance spreadsheets, charts, data lists, tables, macros and perform what-if analysis. This course is offered asynchronous online, via OntarioLearn.
Payroll AdministrationACCT-10823YesYes
Students will examine the following topics: maintaining payroll records, salaried; hourly; commission and contract workers; taxable benefits, statutory and other deductions; preparation of payroll journal entries; preparation of Record of Employment; preparation of T4's and T4 Summary; Workers' Compensation; Employment Standards; and Computerized Payroll. This course is offered through OntarioLearn by the host college, Durham college.
Marketing 1MKTG-10813YesYes
Marketing 1 is the first course of a two course introduction to marketing designed to provide students with a sound grounding in the field of marketing. Emphasis is placed on the formulation of integrated marketing strategies that play a role in achieving organizational objectives. The course is divided into four segments: marketing process and marketing environments, marketing planning and information collection processes, buyer behaviour and targeting strategies, and marketing mix (two components of the mix are discussed: product and price).
Effective communication skills are essential to all aspects of life and this course specifically addresses communications in contemporary businesses and organizations. It is important to be aware of the wide variety of communication methods and technological tools which are available, and which should be used to a convey a particular message. Managing communication channels requires time management, and effective informal and formal communication skills. This fully online course, offered through OntarioLearn, will discuss communication styles, presentation skills, how to facilitate meetings and social media.
Customer Service: Modern ApproachBUSI-12103YesYes
This course is designed to help students understand the concept of customer service to both external and internal customers to support their careers and personal growth as service providers. Due to globalization, organizations increasingly require that employees have the knowledge and skills to deliver exemplary service to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. Informed by an understanding of the processes involved in creating customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction, students will be able to utilize verbal and nonverbal communication skills to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in a variety of industry settings.
Supply Chain & Operations Mgmt-IntroMGMT-12203YesYes
A Supply Chain is a network of organizations that are involved in the different processes and activities that produce value in the form of products and services in the hands of the ultimate customer or consumer. Operations Management is one of the three major functions of a business, along with Marketing and Accounting / Finance, and focuses on designing, creating, and improving goods and services. Understanding key Supply Chain and Operations Management foundations is crucial to any company's success and profitability. This introductory course will expose students to topics related to how products and services are created and delivered to the customer. This course is offered through OntarioLearn by the host college, Conestoga college.

Program Residency
Students Must Complete a Minimum of 3 credits in this
program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
requirement and graduate from this program

Program Details

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