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Microcredential Series Description

These courses are part of a series designed to introduce military-connected learners, employers and those with an interest in the foundational communication and relational skills required to understand the unique qualifications, training and experiences that enhance the employability and overall transition for Canadian Armed Forces service members, Veterans and their families. They are designed to increase the understanding of the convergence of two diverse cultures from a strengths-based perspective and unlock the potential of this unique group of learners.


Microcredential Series Requirements

Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
COMM-1149Transitioning Communication Skills
Understand and personalize the military "brand" as it applies to the individual learner. Identify and communicate key military skills and experiences that are of high value to civilian organizations and may uniquely and positively differentiate the learner from their civilian peers. Total class hours - 6.
COMM-1150Communication: Two Worlds
Understand where cultures often collide -civilian and military - resulting in barriers to communication. Learners will be able to effectively address and assuage perceptions through dialogue to reduce and ultimately overcome these barriers. Total class hours - 6.
COMM-1151Leading From Behind
Understand how to "lead from behind" by communicating the learners' experiences to offer recommendations and/or solutions to organizational challenges. Total class hours - 6.
COMM-1152Leadership: Two Worlds
Understand how leadership communications differ between the military to civilian environments. Learners will become familiar with skills and techniques that may be effective in both environments. They will also recognize leadership communications techniques that are much more suitable for one environment over the other. Total class hours - 6.

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Communication and Languages