London is a vibrant city with a wide selection of accommodations and Fanshawe students add a diverse mix to the London community. Fanshawe has three traditional residences on campus, as well as townhouse units at 900 Fanshawe College Blvd, with a total of 1200 spaces that provide a spacious, convenient and unique experience for students.

Most of Fanshawe's students live off-campus and we know that all housing searches are somewhat challenging. However, Fanshawe College Retail Services provides an Off-Campus Housing Service who maintain a listing of housing for Fanshawe students in the City of London. London has a history of having a high vacancy rate and students have generally been able to find suitable accommodations.


Off-Campus Housing Info & Listings (All campuses)

On-Campus Residence Info (London Campus only)


Studying at a regional campus outside of London?
No problem! While regional campuses don't have College-operated residences, they do maintain a list of available housing options in their communities. Please visit the Off-Campus Housing Info & Listings page and search within your regional area to find local housing options.