STEPping into Fanshawe

Summer Transition Experiential Program for Students with Mental Health Concerns.

The transition from high-school to college can be exciting and stressful for anybody.  For students who are already coping with mental health concerns, we want to offer an opportunity for extra support in the transition process.  

August 21, 22 and 23, 2019.

Cost is $50. Space is limited, register early.

Register by August 9, 2019. by calling 519-452-4282 or emailing


Professional and confidential counselling is provided free of charge in a private setting. Counsellors work sensitively and respectfully with you to assist you to identify and resolve your problems/concerns. When necessary, our counsellors will refer you to appropriate services in the community. Counselling concerns may include:

  • stress management
  • substance abuse
  • dealing with loss/death
  • depression/anxiety
  • eating disorders
  • anger management
  • assault/abuse
  • relationship difficulties
  • school failure/underachievement
  • sexuality
  • suicide risk

What can I expect from counselling?

The decision to begin counselling is an important one. People have reported both a greater level of comfort and more favourable results when they understand what to expect from the counselling process. At our counselling office, you can expect:

  • to meet one-on-one in a private setting with a professionally trained personal counsellor
  • the content of your sessions to be held in confidence
  • support and encouragement
  • to have follow-up appointments as required that fit your class schedule
  • to be informed of other resources that might be helpful to you

How can I get the most from my counselling sessions?

In order to benefit fully from counselling, the following recommendations are offered:

  • attend scheduled sessions
  • be specific about the concerns that led to your decision to seek counselling
  • establish with your counsellor desired goals and outcomes to be achieved in counselling
  • discuss your progress with your counsellor as you go along, and modify your goals if necessary
  • participate actively and be as open and honest as possible
  • tell your counsellor if you don't think you're being helped

Successful counselling is a joint process requiring your motivation and active involvement. The more actively involved you are, the more effective counselling will be for you.


Contact Counselling Services

Phone 519-452-4282
Fax 519-453-2826


Room F2010, London Campus
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Other Campuses

  • St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus: 519-633-2030
  • Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus: 519-421-0144
  • Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus: 519-426-8260
  • Centre for Digital and Performance Arts (downtown London location): 519-452-4430