Fanshawe College's goal in Residence is to provide a safe, secure and supportive environment for you to live in and to promote your academic success and personal development. We're here for you!

We promote a community spirit in Residence as well as promoting participation in College and Fanshawe Student Union activities by planning events including sports, social activities and many off-campus events to encourage interaction with other residents and students.

Activities such as the use of illegal substances, underage drinking, inappropriate/disrespectful conduct towards residence and College staff is not tolerated and has resulted in many evictions over the course of the last academic year. We do not provide a party location and expect all students to respect the rights of others in their pursuit of education.

We suggest all residents read the Residence community standards to ensure that you are making the correct choice to live in Residence:

FAQs for current residents

What if something breaks in my room?


If something breaks or needs to be replaced in your room, you can fill out and submit the Maintenance Request Form. Alternatively, you can go to the front desk and inform the customer service representative of the problem and they can submit the form for you.   


Can I stay in residence over the winter break?


Yes you can! You will need to fill out an extended stay request form at the front desk to let us know what dates you will be requiring to stay in residence over the break.

Residence fees cover the Fall Residency Term (September 5, 2018 -  December 16, 2018, or 24 hours after the student's final exam for that term) and the Winter/Spring Residency Term (January 5, 2019 - April 28, 2019, or 24 hours after the student's final exam for that term). Accommodation outside of these dates will be subject to an additional per diem charge, which can be found on the extended stay form. 


What housekeeping services are provided?


Bi-weekly light housekeeping services are provided for all suites and townhouse units. Members of our housekeeping staff will enter your suite once every two weeks to clean your bathrooms, kitchen area (microwave, kitchen counter and table) and clean the common area floors. They will not access your individual bedrooms.


Be a RESpect Ambassador


Respect yourself, respect your community, respect your environment. For more information on the RESpect Ambassador position and how to get involved, please contact Christine Battson by email at