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October 2021

A Conversation With Sinead Bovell

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Sinead Bovell, futurist and founder of WAYE (Weekly Advice for Young Entrepreneurs) joined Annette Markvoort, manager of Innovation Village, for a fascinating and dynamic conversation about resilience, embracing technology, entrepreneurship and how today’s students can prepare for the world of the future.

Sinead is described as “the model who talks tech.” With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Business Administration, she has a unique perspective on how artificial intelligence is changing our world.

Sinead is an advocate for young people learning about how technology will shape the careers of the future. In 2018, she founded WAYE and launched WAYE Talks—a speaker series “that brings together business and technology experts from across the world to educate young entrepreneurs on the future.”

In 2020, Sinead spoke at the United Nations 75th General Assembly and was named in Refinery29’s “Top 10 Black women changing the game” for her work in bringing diverse voices to the tech industry.

In this interview, Sinead shares insights into artificial intelligence, digital twins and digital clothing, why we should stop asking kids what they want to be when they grow up and more!

Sinead also shares insights into the skills that will be required in the workforce of tomorrow, which aligns with Fanshawe’s Job Skills for the Future. She says, “Soft skills appreciate over time, whereas technical skills depreciate about 50 per cent every five years. For example, virtual collaboration used to be at the top of the list of ‘future skills of work.’ Now, it doesn’t even make the list because it’s just an expectation. It’s your human skills that appreciate, and anything technical depreciates and will either become an expectation or will eventually be passed to a robot.”

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