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IT (information technology) systems are the combinations of hardware, software, networks and processes that work together to manage and process information within an organization. With a career in IT systems, you will work to set up and manage computer systems, servers and hardware, including things like security and cloud computing. There are various roles within the field that you could choose to specialize in, such as AI and machine learning or health systems management.

Succeed in a career in IT Systems

Individuals who excel in the field of IT systems are those with a blend of technical and soft skills. While technical proficiency is always an important part of working in the IT industry, other qualities are also integral to success in an IT systems career. Good time management and communication skills will help you excel in this field. IT systems roles often involve working within teams in fast-paced environments where professionals have to keep up with the changing tech landscape. Because technology is developing so rapidly, adaptability also comes in handy. IT systems professionals need to be up-to-date on the latest industry trends and ready to embrace the ever-changing world of tech.

Study a career in IT Systems

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Co-op

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Learn how to design and deploy cutting-edge technologies in this one-year graduate certificate program. Get hands-on experience building, managing and administering systems that analyze data and convert it into autonomous tasks using AI and machine learning.

Learn more about our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Co-op

Software and Information Systems Testing Co-op

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This one-year graduate certificate program will prepare you for a career in the in-demand field of IT quality assurance and quality control. Gain an understanding of testing paradigms and methods and build your resume with a co-op at one of our local industry partners.

Learn more about our Software and Information Systems Testing Co-op

Health Systems Management

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Fanshawe’s one-year graduate certificate program will prepare you for a career in health information management. Learn how tech is used to help organizations make decisions based on health information data and how health systems use workflows to manage things like electronic patient records.

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Career Opportunities

There are a broad range of career choices available in IT systems and the field is continually expanding. Explore some of the many available opportunities:

  • AI Developer/Programmer
  • Machine Learning Developer
  • Health Data Analyst
  • Health Systems Manager
  • Business Systems Testing Analyst
  • Application Integration Analyst

Earning Potential


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