Friday, July 23, 2021
Connecting after a networking event

So you’ve just attended a networking event, virtually or maybe even in person. Now what? Here are some tips to keep that new connection connected and a part of your network: 

1  Connect on LinkedIn.

For starters, connect on LinkedIn and include a message (e.g., something about the event where you connected) to give that personal touch. You can even make notes on LinkedIn about where and when you met, and other details that might be helpful when you meet again.  

College students attending a networking event

2  Google your new contact.

A quick search of your new connection can help you learn a bit more about them. You might find you have more in common than you thought, and they may have even Googled you! In fact, according to Career Builder, 70 per cent of employers use social media to screen applicants. Knowledge is power!  

3  Send an email.

A quick, yet professional, email shows your interest in making and keeping the new connection. It doesn’t have to be long--a short note to say it was great to meet them can go a long way. But don’t wait more than a day or two to follow-up.  

Students and industry leaders at a networking event

4  Provide value.

Is there something you can offer your new connection? Can you offer to introduce them to someone in your own network or provide a name or service they might be interested in? As an active listener, was there something you picked up on that might be of value to your new connection? It’s a great way to solidify that new connection.  

5  Set something up.

Asking someone to meet with you after a networking event so they can talk more about their career path is the ultimate compliment, and a great way to further solidify that new connection. Whether it is in person or virtually – and offer them the choice – it could lead to a valuable connection for years to come.


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