Friday, August 14, 2020
Fun facts about honey bees

August 15 is national honeybee day! To celebrate, we put together a list of some of our favourite fun facts about honey and the bees that work so hard to produce this sweet treat.

beekeeper working with honeybees

Honey comes in many varieties.

The kind of honey a bee produces depends on their location and the pollinator flowers available to them. You may notice some kinds of honey are more pale in colour while others are darker. Flavours may vary as well, with some having a milder flavour and others being stronger or even fruity. has compiled a list of the different kinds of honey and their specific features.

Bees help make more than just honey.

Honeybees are pollinators. Many crops rely on insect pollination to produce much of the produce we eat, especially the ones rich in vital vitamin C to keep us healthy. According to, plants such as oranges, tomatoes, watermelons, blueberries and many others grow thanks to insect pollination.

flowers in a pollinator garden

You can plant a pollinator garden.

Honeybees and other pollinating insects rely on pollinator gardens for the food they need to keep them healthy. Have you ever wondered how to grow your own pollinator garden in Ontario? Head over to for tips on planning your garden, which flowers to plant, best practices for watering and fertilizing and more.

Honey has many health benefits.

Not only is honey delicious, it may also provide some health benefits. This article from CNN gives a great summary about some of the ways it can improve health, including helping a sore throat and providing antibacterial properties. 


Did you know?

Fanshawe College has beehives onsite at the London Campus. Faculty and students are conducting research into the benefits of honey as a natural healing remedy. Click here to read more about this exciting project.


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