Friday, November 19, 2021
Learn the fundamentals to kickstart your business career

Careers in business can be quite varied, so starting with business foundations programs provide opportunities to choose streams that are of most interest to you and match well with your skills. In addition, business foundations programs focus a lot on providing the right skills to those who know they are going to be an entrepreneur or seek a junior level role in a small to medium sized business. 

Business Fundamentals

Programs in business foundations—like Fanshawe’s Business Fundamentals certificate —can be a great primer to learn about different areas of business before pursuing a specific subject area. This kind of program offers practical foundational courses, such as basic principles of business organization, business communications, business mathematics, accounting and marketing.


If you’re thinking of starting your own business, or if you are preparing to take over a family business, check out a program like Fanshawe’s Business Fundamentals – Entrepreneurship certificate. Similar to the Business Fundamentals program, this is a great foundational learning track if you’re starting out and need guidance on principles like organization, communication, finance, market research and small business software programs. In this program, the courses are tailored specifically to entrepreneurs, giving you the knowledge you need to manage your own small business and your own team.

Career Opportunities

While many people pursue further education after one of these programs, you could decide to enter the workforce in industries such as retail, hospitality or service. Jobs in these industries include:

  • sole proprietor
  • small business owner
  • customer service representative
  • sales associate
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