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Thursday, November 25, 2021
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If you've been exploring professional development options, you've probably heard the term "micro-credential", but what exactly are they?

At Fanshawe College, we define micro-credentials as fast, focused upskilling that fits your career needs. They're designed for people to quickly master new skills where there is an identified need in the labour market.



Micro-credentials are short.

Most micro-credentials only take a few weeks to complete, start to finish. You'll spend approximately 3-4 hours on your micro-credential per week and most are available completely online.

Micro-credentials are specific.

Each micro-credential focuses on a particular skill that meets industry demand.

Micro-credentials are shareable.

Each completed micro-credential is awarded an official digital badge to share with your social networks, like LinkedIn.

Micro-credentials are stackable.

Earn a series badge to demonstrate mastery in a specific area when you complete multiple micro-credentials on a particular topic.

Micro-credentials are affordable.

At Fanshawe College the average cost for a micro-credential is only $160, most are also OSAP eligible. If you're Fanshawe Alumni, you'll get 10% off! 

So, are micro-credentials worth it?

You bet. In this rapidly changing world where jobs and tasks are constantly evolving and changing, micro-credentials are a great option to complement your existing education and quickly get you or your workforce up to speed.


Fanshawe’s Part-Time Studies offers many micro-credentials that suit various industries and skills needs and we are committed to providing you with new skill-development opportunities as they become increasingly in demand.

Are you ready to boost your skills and education?
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