Thursday, November 25, 2021
What is a microcredential?

You may have noticed a new kind of credential being shared by connections on your LinkedIn lately. Something new, with an exciting, specialized skill set - a microcredential! You might have wondered, what is a microcredential?

Are you short on time but interested in furthering your education and skills? Then microcredentials are the perfect solution for you. Microcredentials are designed as short-term courses focused on enhancing the skills needed to grow your career. They are also a great way to learn something new and add onto credentials you may already have. 

College student exploring microcredentials on tablet

Here are some key features of microcredentials:

  • Short in duration - learn a new skill in just a few hours or weeks;
  • Customizable - select only what you want to learn, with no requirement to commit to a long program or take additional courses you may not be interested in;
  • Stackable - take multiple microcredentials and stack them to gain expertise in a specific skill area;
  • Sharable - share digital badges on your social media profiles and resume;
  • Developed for industry demand - microcredentials are offered in topic areas where there is great industry demand, so you can learn specialized skills that will help you stand out;
  • Verified - digital badges are recognized credentials offered by trusted, reputable post-secondary institutions.

Simply put, microcredentials are a fast, flexible way to keep your learning continuous and your skills current so you can achieve your career goals and grow professionally.

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