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Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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Thinking about taking a college program but unsure if you’re choosing an industry where you’ll graduate fully prepared for a successful career? Explore one of Fanshawe College’s innovative new programs.

Meet Industry Needs and Prepare for a Career

Fanshawe College follows a thoughtful and deliberate approach to developing new programs–including identifying gaps in available program offerings, monitoring industry needs and developing course materials that will prepare you for your future career. Industry experts, including our deans and employers who we work with, identify gaps in available programs or a lack of candidates available to fill specific, in-demand positions. Once a gap is identified, the college considers the needs of the specific industry and what jobs will be available to graduates before deciding if a program is a viable option to prepare our students for successful careers. Our industry experts complete meticulous research on the course material to determine what kind of courses will meet the changing demands of different industries in Canada and globally.

Innovative Program Development

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Not only are our courses designed to fill these gaps, but they are also ideated to fill future gaps, sometimes for careers that you may not have heard of yet. However, with the accelerating growth of technology and industry standards, different roles are being created regularly to meet new needs and stand up to unexpected challenges.

This is innovation in college program development. Ensuring our students are trained in the latest trends and emerging technologies to create graduates who are ready for more than just in-demand current career opportunities but also future-proofed career opportunities. Graduates who are ready to take on new roles and new challenges throughout their careers and to use the latest technologies and methodologies to make work efficient.

Fanshawe’s Innovative New Programs Coming in 2024/25

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIM2)

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This new one-year graduate certificate program is for you if you have a software development background and want to specialize in this cutting-edge, in-demand field. Learn how to set up and train machine learning models and more.

Learn more about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Business Management - Entrepreneurship (EPM2)

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This new one-year graduate certificate program will provide students from any discipline or background with the knowledge and skills to start and maintain a small business. Review real-world case studies and create a unique business plan during the course.

Learn more about Business Management - Entrepreneurship


Occupational Health and Safety Management (OLH2)

Photo of a safety inspector on their computer

Acquire the skills needed to manage potential risks to the health and safety of workers in this one-year graduate certificate program. With two academic semesters and one co-op semester, you will gain the knowledge and experience required to start your career.

Learn more about Occupational Health and Safety Management


Quality Assurance Management (QLA1)

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Gain the skills required for quality assurance including the fundamentals, continuous improvement methods, international quality standards and more in this one-year graduate certificate program. Learn how to apply the proper techniques and procedures to solve problems and enhance the quality of goods and services.

Learn more about Quality Assurance Management