Friday, August 16, 2019
Students gather in the kitchen of an off-campus house

It's the beginning of another school year and you've just moved into your new home off-campus. Unlike living in residence, you will now have more responsibilities and more opportunities to explore the city. To get you started in your place, we put together this practical guide to living off-campus.

Take photos of your new digs 

We strongly recommend that you take date-stamped pictures of your place to ensure you have a record of any issues so that you won’t be charged for damages when you move out.  Make a detailed list of any issues in the place and give a copy to the landlord.

Create a roommate agreement

If you have roommates, everybody assumes you will get along but even best friends can have issues. Create a Roommate Agreement to ensure things go smoothly in your house and exchange any emergency contact info. 

Learn your way around the city

Make sure you have a good idea about how to get around the city and check out London Transits website to help you when you need to get groceries or household items.

Keep your place safe

Do not make yourself a target for thieves! Smart thieves know where students live and they know students have expensive computers. We suggest leaving a light on when you're at class or gone for the weekend. Also, don't place a target on your home by putting of flags/posters in your windows or allow your place to look like it is not cared for. 

Garbage and hydro

London has a different garbage schedule (the day changes each week). Visit the City's website to get informed about your neighborhood's schedule. 

If you need to set up your utilities with London Hydro, visit this page.

Explore the city

Whether you are new to London or you have lived here all of your life, there is so much to explore and (re)discover within our community. From outdoor adventures and soul-inspiring entertainment to watching sports and enjoying one of many community events, there truly is something for everyone in the Forest City! Read this blog post to learn more. 


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