Reach for the skies and become a professional pilot and aviation leader - 2020/2021

Become a leader in the booming aviation industry. Industry dictates that there will be 804,000 global aviation jobs by 2038 and this three-year advanced diploma will provide you with a strong background to take a leadership position. 

Study safety management systems, Canadian air regulations, flight operations and logistics and airline operations, all while completing a Fixed-wing Canadian Private and Commercial Pilot license with Multi Engine and Instrument Ratings. 

  • Learn to fly in modern aircraft;
  • Gain experience in the classroom, hangar and in the cockpit;
  • Train on modern flight simulators.

Professional pilot program in partnership with Diamond Flight Centre London Inc.

The program includes the option to complete a Canadian Private and Commercial Pilot's License, including night, instrument and multi-engine ratings. Graduates can seek opportunities in varied aviation flight operations and business ventures.  The flight training is delivered by Diamond Flight Centre London, located at the London International Airport.

Professional pilot program admission requirements:  

  • You must have achieved a minimum education standard of high school graduation;
  • Students may be required to complete a formal Aviation Language Proficiency test if English is not their first language;
  • Suggested to complete a minimum of 0.5 dual hours flight training experience (introductory flight);
  • Category 1 Aviation Medical is required;
  • Students may be required to complete a formal Aviation Language Proficiency test if English is not their first language.


*Please note:

- An iPad is provided to students in this program via the program specific fees. Students are not required to purchase an iPad for this program. 

- The flight portion of this program, delivered by our partners at DFC London, IS NOT eligible for OSAP funding, while the academic portion of the program IS eligible for OSAP funding. 


More Information - 2020/2021

Learning Outcomes

  1. Select and use relevant terminology, technologies, and strategies to communicate effectively with all functional divisions within an aerospace industry, airline, or flight operation;
  2. Solve problems and contribute to decision-making processes to support aviation operations by recognizing airport and aircraft component and system characteristics and interpreting aeronautics, navigation, and meteorology concepts and data;
  3. Select and implement Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Threat and Error Management (TEM) techniques to meet the needs of a commercial multi-crew operational environment;
  4. Develop flight plans to address a range of mission conditions;
  5. Select and implement risk management strategies to support the safe and secure operation of an aircraft, airline, or flight organization;
  6. Implement and participate in a Safety Management System (SMS) program to meet regulatory requirements;
  7. Formulate and implement leadership, management, and team building strategies for corporate/business to contribute to a positive work environment;
  8. Plan, implement, and evaluate projects by applying project management principles to support the operation and management of a business from requirements and financial perspectives;
  9. Investigate and monitor relevant trends, emerging technologies, and local and global issues to enhance work performance and guide decision-making;
  10. Develop and use strategies for ongoing professional development to remain current with industry changes, enhance work performance, and explore career opportunities;
  11. Perform all work in compliance with Transport Canada commercial pilot proficiency standards and regulations relating to flight preparation, professional conduct, uniform, and on-time performance.

Program Details

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Canadian Students

Start Dates

Full Time Offerings

2021 September
London - Airport

International Students

Start Dates
2021 September
London - Airport
Program Code
Day Time
Ontario College Advanced Diploma
90 weeks