Reach for the skies and become a professional pilot and aviation leader - 2020/2021

Become a leader in the booming aviation industry. Industry dictates that there will be 804,000 global aviation jobs by 2038 and this three-year advanced diploma will provide you with a strong background to take a leadership position. 

Study safety management systems, Canadian air regulations, flight operations and logistics and airline operations, all while completing a Fixed-wing Canadian Private and Commercial Pilot license with Multi Engine and Instrument Ratings. 

  • Learn to fly in modern aircraft;
  • Gain experience in the classroom, hangar and in the cockpit;
  • Train on modern flight simulators.

How the flight training works with Diamond Flight Centre London

Our program includes the option to complete a Canadian Private and Commercial Pilot's License, including night, instrument and multi-engine ratings. Graduates can seek opportunities in varied aviation flight operations and business ventures. The flight training is delivered by Diamond Flight Centre London, located at the London International Airport.

Commercial Flight and Aviation admission requirements can be found here, however, students enrolled in the program will also be required to meet the DFC London professional pilot program requirements to begin flight training:

  • You must have achieved a minimum education standard of high school graduation;
  • Suggested to complete a minimum of 0.5 dual hours flight training experience (introductory flight);
  • Category 1 Aviation Medical is required;
  • Students may be required to complete a formal Aviation Language Proficiency test if English is not their first language. An Aviation English preparation course is offered to help students improve their language skills for success in the program and industry.


The tuition and fees for this program are calculated in two parts: academic (Fanshawe) and flight training (DFC London). The Fanshawe costs are eligible for OSAP funding, however, the DFC London flight training is not.

The current total estimated cost of the flying portion of the Fanshawe Aviation Program is $70,555.00 + HST (total cost including HST is $79,727.15 CAD).

Flying is paid in $9,000 instalments every September 1st, January 1st and May 1st over the course of the three years and instalments are adjusted based on the actual rate the student completes the training (if a student requires additional training over and above the allotted time, the student must pay for that training).

Students can expect to fly approximately 205 hours in aircraft and 55 hours in a Transport Canada-approved flight training device (FTD). 

If a student withdraws from the flying program, any balance remaining in their account will be refunded.

Ancillary Fees: 
The total estimated cost of ancillary fees is $2,945.00 + HST and includes:
· Books and supplies
· Flight Test fees
· Transport Canada examination fees
· Transport Canada licence application fees

The average cost per year for ancillary fees is $1,000.00 + HST.

* Please note: An iPad is provided to students in this program via the program-specific fees. Students are not required to purchase an iPad for this program.


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    Admission Requirements - 2020/2021

    Admission Requirements

    Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent with courses from the College (C), University (U),
    University/College (M), or Open (O) stream WITH:
    - Any Grade 12 English (C) or (U)
    - Any Grade 12 Mathematics (C) or (U)
    (Note: minimum final grade required for each course is 65)
    Academic and Career Entrance Certificate (ACE) WITH:
    - Communications
    - Core Mathematics
    (Note: minimum final grade required for each course is 65)
    Pre-Technology Ontario College Certificate AND:
    - Minimum final grade of 'C+' or 65 in the required courses stated above
    Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate (GED) WITH:
    - The combined Language Arts - Reading AND Language Arts - Writing test results having a minimum average Standard Score of 520  AND:
    - Grade 12 Mathematics (C) or (U)
    (Note: minimum final grade required is 65)
    Mature Applicant with standing in the required courses and grades stated above

    English Language Requirements

    Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to demonstrate proficiency in English by one of the following methods:
    • A Grade 12 College Stream or University Stream English credit from an Ontario Secondary School, or equivalent, depending on the program's Admission Requirements
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test with a minimum score of 79 for the Internet-based test (iBT), with test results within the last two years
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic test with an overall score of 6.0 with no score less than 5.5 in any of the four bands, with test results within the last two years. SDS Program Requirements.
    • Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) test with an overall score of 60 with no score less than 50 in any of the four bands, with test results within the last two years
    • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) with a minimum score of 53, with test results within the last two years
    • A Cambridge English Test (FCE/CAE/CPE) with an overall score on the Cambridge English Scale of 169 with no language skill less than 162, with test results within the last two years
    • An English Language Evaluation (ELE) at Fanshawe College with a minimum score of 70% in all sections of the test, with test results within the last two years
    • Fanshawe College ESL4/GAP5 students: Minimum grade of 80% in ESL4/GAP5 Level 8, 75% in ESL4/GAP5 Level 9, or 70% in ESL4/GAP5 Level 10

    Recommended Academic Preparation

    • Grade 11 or Grade 12 Physics (C) or (U)
    • Additional Grade 12 Mathematics (C) or (U)

    Applicant Selection Criteria

    Where the number of eligible applicants exceeds the available spaces in the program, the Applicant Selection Criteria will be:
    1. Preference for Permanent Residents of Ontario
    2. Receipt of Application by February 1st (After this date, Fanshawe College will consider applicants on a first-come, first-served basis until the program is full)
    3. Achievement in the Admission Requirements
    • Admission to the Fanshawe College Pre-Technology program does not guarantee admission in a subsequent year to the Commercial Flight and Aviation Leadership program. Successful completion of the Fanshawe College Pre-Technology program, however, does enable the student to be given additional consideration when applying to the Commercial Flight and Aviation Leadership program. The Pre-Technology program is the preferred designated preparatory program for admission to the Commercial Flight and Aviation Leadership program.

    Careers - 2020/2021

    Career Opportunities

    This program will provide aviation employment opportunities in the following areas:

    • Professional Pilot
    • Flight Operations Management

    More Information - 2020/2021

    A Three-Year Ontario College Advanced Diploma Program

    Program Code: CFA1
    Campus Code: LCA (LCA - London Campus Airport)
    September Admission
    15 week terms
    Academic Calendars available at


    Norton Wolf School of Aviation and Aerospace Technology: 519-452-4430 ext. 6370

    Program Description

    This three-year Commercial Flight and Aviation Leadership Advanced Diploma is designed to prepare domestic and international students for a career in aviation. 

    The program includes training in the following areas:

    • Safety management systems
    • Canadian Aviation Regulations
    • Flight operations
    • Professional standards and practices

    In this program students will complete a Canadian Private and Commercial Pilot license including night, multi-engine and instrument ratings.  Graduates will be able to seek opportunities in Aviation flight operations and business ventures as well as professional flight positions. 

    Flight training will be delivered by Diamond Flight Centre London Inc., located at the London International Airport.

    Visit the Diamond Flight Center London Inc. website for more information about flight training.

    Completion of flight training is not required for graduation from the Advanced Diploma program.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Select and use relevant terminology, technologies, and strategies to communicate effectively with all functional divisions within an aerospace industry, airline, or flight operation;
    2. Solve problems and contribute to decision-making processes to support aviation operations by recognizing airport and aircraft component and system characteristics and interpreting aeronautics, navigation, and meteorology concepts and data;
    3. Select and implement Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Threat and Error Management (TEM) techniques to meet the needs of a commercial multi-crew operational environment;
    4. Develop flight plans to address a range of mission conditions;
    5. Select and implement risk management strategies to support the safe and secure operation of an aircraft, airline, or flight organization;
    6. Implement and participate in a Safety Management System (SMS) program to meet regulatory requirements;
    7. Formulate and implement leadership, management, and team building strategies for corporate/business to contribute to a positive work environment;
    8. Plan, implement, and evaluate projects by applying project management principles to support the operation and management of a business from requirements and financial perspectives;
    9. Investigate and monitor relevant trends, emerging technologies, and local and global issues to enhance work performance and guide decision-making;
    10. Develop and use strategies for ongoing professional development to remain current with industry changes, enhance work performance, and explore career opportunities;
    11. Perform all work in compliance with Transport Canada commercial pilot proficiency standards and regulations relating to flight preparation, professional conduct, uniform, and on-time performance.

    Program Pathways

    For information about Program Pathways visit

    Program Details

    More details

    Canadian Students

    Start Dates

    Full Time Offerings

    2021 September
    London - Airport
    2022 January
    London - Airport

    International Students

    Start Dates
    2021 September
    London - Airport
    2022 January
    London - Airport
    Program Code
    Day Time
    Ontario College Advanced Diploma
    90 weeks