Construction Project Management


Construction Project Management-2023/2024

Level 1
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
CONS-6001Construction Industry: Overview & Codes4
Foremost among the challenges faced by project managers and members of the construction industry is ensuring that the project is Built to Code. Knowledge of the 2012 Ontario Building Code Compendium Volume 1 & 2 as it applies to Construction Practices in Canada. In this course, students work through the Ontario Building Code with varying levels of detail that are both reasonable and achievable.
SFTY-6005Construction Health & Safety2
Through discussions, lectures, videos, and hands-on training, students will increase their knowledge of legislative codes and other regulatory requirements that govern safety on construction sites. Students will learn essential skills and knowledge required for a project manager to minimize lost person hours and maximize efficiency, by evaluating and ensuring a safe working environment.
CONS-6002Essentials of Construction4
Foremost among the challenges faced by project managers is ensuring the financial viability of a project. Feasibility, concept, design, risks and tender estimates will be discussed as to their importance during the estimating process. The course will conclude with the development of the project bid, as well as the understanding of lean management concepts and risks and their impact on estimating. Unreasonable estimates reduce the chances of success and increase stress levels. In this course, students work through the bid process and prepare estimates with varying levels of detail that are both reasonable and achievable.
COMM-6024Communication for Construction Mgmt4
In order to keep projects on track, stakeholders involved and aware of their roles and responsibilities, project managers need solid communication skills and to develop and manage documentations. Through a variety of exercises and simulations, students hone their communication skills and prepare both project-related and construction-related documents. Students also use and explore technological tools that enhance and facilitate communication
LAWS-6033Law & Contracts for Construction4
Project management, especially in the construction industry involves a lot of contractual agreements. It is very important for project managers and professionals to have a firm grounding in Contract Law. Drawing on a variety of construction law resources, study cases, guest speakers and examining contract documents from a variety of projects for several municipalities, students develop a firm grounding in those elements of Canadian Law and the various types of CCDC documents produced by the Canadian Construction Documents Committee.
CONS-6003Construction Project Mgmt Fundamentals4
In this course, students investigate and consolidate the principles, knowledge and theories that lead to best practices in project management. Using case studies and simulations, students generate the relevant documentation and tools that lay the groundwork for successful projects.

Level 2
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
CONS-6004Construction & the Environment3
In this course, students analyse the connections between construction and the environment. Case studies and research projects require students to trace the full scope of environmental concerns connected with the construction industry. Using applicable legislation and guidelines as support, students review environmental management plans.
CONS-6005Construction Job Site Controls4
The role of the project manager with respect to the onsite control of projects will be the courses primary focus. To manage a construction project effectively, project managers need to maintain control of the job site. Students will become familiar with jobsite layout, management, and coordination of tools, equipment, materials, labour and sub-contractors. Students will also develop strategies to direct the materials equipment and labour that move on and off the job site.
MGMT-6078Project Planning & Scheduling4
Managing a construction project requires that all elements for a project phase are in the right place at the right time. Students learn to use project management tools to coordinate the planning and scheduling of project tasks. Students develop project plans and implement strategies for improving existing working plans.
ACCT-6006Project Cost Control & Accounting4
Beyond the tangible resources of equipment, materials, and labour, project managers must work to preserve the financial margins that ensure the project's viability. Students explore the fundamentals of accounting and accounting functions with a view to maintaining accurate financial records for a project. Hands on computer lab exercises and activities stress the cost control and oversight responsibilities of managers.
MGMT-6079Human Resources Management3
This course provides the student with an overview of the issues, functions and responsibilities to manage people. An emphasis is placed on recruitment and selection, orientation and training, career development, occupational health and safety, employee and union relations and HRs role in ensuring compliance with employment legislation in Canada.
CONS-6006Applied Construction Project Management4
Students manage complex construction projects simulations, using knowledge and skills developed throughout the program. Using an interactive approach, students explore various stages of the project lifecycle. Students assess, document and develop plans for the progression of projects.

Program Residency
Students must complete a minimum of 11 credits in this
program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
requirement and graduate from this program