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Fanshawe College is a public post-secondary institution located in London, Ontario with locations in Simcoe, St. Thomas, Woodstock, throughout Huron/Bruce, and now Toronto. Fanshawe has developed a partnership with
ILAC International College, a private college that is one of the most awarded international schools in the world. This partnership allows international students to take advantage of Fanshawe’s high-quality programming and study in downtown Toronto, one of the safest, most multicultural and exciting cities in the world.



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Why study at Fanshawe Toronto?


A leader in international education

Fanshawe is not only a leader in post-secondary education, but we’re leaders in student diversity and experience. Fanshawe attracts students from over 100 countries every year, with a dedicated department for international student support.

Fanshawe graduates get jobs

Fanshawe has one of the largest co-operative education offerings in the province with more than 60 programs that offer paid co-op work terms and career and co-op services for support every step of the way. Fanshawe’s Toronto@ILAC is also close to many student placement opportunities in healthcare and hospitality.

Exceptional student experience support services

International students can expect a comparable student experience at Fanshawe Toronto@ILAC, with exceptional standards, services, accountability and quality just the same as they can while studying at any of Fanshawe’s campuses.




Two people in individual counselling session

This program is designed for graduate students who want to enhance their knowledge and skills to advance their career or enter the workforce. Prepare for a career as a mental health worker by gaining hands-on experience through a capstone and field placement within the program. Graduates will be ready to work in a variety of Human Service settings like community programs, residential care, gerontology programs, group homes as well as other settings supporting prevention, intervention and treatment of addictions and/or mental illness. There are two semesters, which include the field placement.
Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Duration: 1 Year; 30 weeks
Estimated Cost: $16,220 CAD plus ancillary fees

Medical professional on their laptop

The Chronic Disease Management graduate certificate program focuses on preparing graduates to work interprofessionally with adults and families who require chronic disease management within institutions or in the home. The eight-month (30-week) Chronic Disease Management Graduate Certificate Program is grounded in the principles of interprofessional education and interprofessional practice. The Program promotes comprehensive assessment and team-based care planning and delivery using a person and family-centred approach. Learners will enhance their understanding of chronic diseases and evaluate the impact of these conditions on individuals’ care needs. Through application of evidence-informed approaches, tools, and resources, learners will become proficient in assessing and responding to changes in client’s health conditions with a focus on health promotion. Learners will learn how to plan and implement interventions to modify behaviours and lifestyles to support clients in self-managing their chronic health conditions. There are two semesters.
Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Duration: 1 Year; 30 weeks
Estimated Cost: $15,000 plus ancillary fees

Two students with Construction Project Management instructor, reviewing plans on laptop at job site

Graduates of the Construction Project Management program plan, manage and supervise a broad range of construction projects* within the residential, industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) and civil infrastructure sectors of the construction industry. As members of the multidisciplinary team, graduates establish and manage relationships among a broad range of project stakeholders* and facilitate the identification of construction project* scope, feasibility and goals. Graduates build, direct and lead construction project* teams in the accomplishment of construction project* goals, in accordance with project plans, workplace health and safety practices, sustainability practices* and all applicable laws, codes, industry standards and ethical practices. There are four semesters, which includes a co-op work term.
Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Duration: 2 Years; 60 weeks
Estimated Cost: $27,000 plus ancillary fees

Two people working in garden, with one assisting the other

Students will become highly skilled and reflective practitioners while supporting people of all ages to live as independently as possible, while promoting inclusive communities. Courses will focus on mental and physical health, interpersonal skills, teaching and positive behaviour supports. You will learn how to collaborate and build relationships with family members, and to work with the diverse network of professionals who support people with developmental disabilities. The program includes over 700 hours of field experience with community agencies and school partners. There are four semesters, which include the field placement.
Credential: Ontario College Diploma
Duration: 2 Years; 60 weeks
Estimated Cost: $30,948 CAD plus ancillary fees

Nursing care worker smiling and interacting with elderly woman

This one year program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to care for aging adults. Students will learn geriatric mental health, cultural diversity, thanatology and therapeutic recreation. Graduates are prepared for employment in senior centres, day and leisure programs, research and education services, retirement homes, long term care facilities, group homes and home support services. There are two semesters, which include a 200-hour field placement within a community organization.
Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Duration: 1 Year; 30 weeks
Estimated Cost: $15,474 CAD plus ancillary fees

Student work experience at a local hotel chain

Students will develop the knowledge and business skills required to manage the global hospitality industry, with an emphasis on Canadian tourism. There are five semesters, including a paid internship semester, and opportunities to complete industry certificates such as Smart Serve – Beverage Sales & Service Training and Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP). Students will network with industry partners in hotels, restaurants and tourism organizations, and learn from industry professionals.
Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Duration: 2.5 Years; 75 weeks
Estimated Cost: $33,322 CAD plus ancillary fees

Fanshawe Alumni Michael MacDougall, working at concierge desk

You will learn about hotels and resorts, apply your knowledge in a co-op work experience and graduate ready for a career in a variety of jobs in hotels and resorts. You will learn management and administration, food and beverage service, guest and reservation management systems, purchasing and cost control. Apply your knowledge and gain work experience during a full-time, paid co-op semester in a local hotel or restaurant, or at hotels and resorts across Canada or in another country. Students must be at least 18 by the start of classes to comply with licensing regulations. There are five semesters, which includes a co-op work term (see Program Progression for more details).
Credential: Ontario College Diploma
Duration: 2 Years; 60 weeks
Estimated Cost: $32,143 CAD plus ancillary fees

palliative care worker helping an elderly patient

This program is designed for international students who are graduates of community studies and healthcare programs and are interested in working with palliative individuals. In this program, students will enhance their foundational knowledge, learn practical skills and engage in exercises that will benefit not only the student’s professional practice but also the palliative individual. Using state-of-the-art experiential options, graduates will combine the elements of this graduate program with their own educational foundation to provide a more comprehensive, compassionate, holistic approach to enhance the quality of life for palliative individuals and their family. There are two semesters.
Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Duration: 1 Year; 30 weeks
Estimated Cost: $15,474 CAD plus ancillary fees

A male Indian student presenting in class.

Companies that intend to develop and commercially distribute regulated pharmaceuticals and life-science products are required to have knowledge of the full spectrum of regulatory requirements in those industries. This program will provide students with the in-depth knowledge and hands-on training required to assist with navigating regulatory approval processes, primarily for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices with a secondary focus on food and herbal products. Students will specifically learn the process for developing successful regulatory applications that allow companies to proceed with the development and launch of new products. There are three semesters.
Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Duration: 1.5 Years; 45 weeks
Estimated Cost: $24,950 CAD plus ancillary fees

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