Agricultural Equipment Technician (Block Release) [Apprenticeship]

Agricultural Equipment Technician is an Ontario College Certificate program that trains students to repair and maintain tractors and harvesting equipment. Students will develop the skills to work on engines, transmissions, hydraulics, electrical and electronic systems. The apprenticeship program will allow you to train under the direction of experienced workers.


Fixing and maintaining the machines that help feed the world is a noble pursuit. It’s also an in-demand career where your unique talents will be sought after and valued. If you enjoy tinkering with big machines, aren’t afraid to get down and dirty, and are looking for an in-demand and rewarding career, the Agricultural Equipment Technician (Block Release) [Apprenticeship] program will jump start your training and set you on your way.

You’ll be trained to repair and maintain tractors and harvesting equipment, overhauling engines, transmissions, hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems. You’ll be relied on and needed for agricultural success – the one behind the scenes ensuring the vital tools that do the work, work.

But these days, the business of Agricultural Technicians isn’t relegated to the workshop, silo or garage. You’ll be required to network with clients, cooperate with managers and farmers, and constantly evolve your skills with new technologies, repair techniques and agricultural practices. The modern Agricultural Technician is also a computer expert.

There’s more to the program. If you're ready to work and want to combine your training with paid work, the apprenticeship component of the program will allow you to train under the direction of experienced workers with shorter lengths of classroom or online training.


This is an apprenticeship program. You cannot apply to this program through Applicants need a sponsor/employer. Your sponsor/employer must register you with:

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Apprenticeship/Client Services
72-1200 Commissioners Road East 
London, Ontario, N5Z 4R3 
MLTSD is responsible for scheduling your in-school training at Fanshawe College.


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Career Information

The agriculture industry is experiencing revolutionary change providing many exciting career opportunities for graduates of Fanshawe’s Agricultural Equipment Technician – John Deere Tech [Apprenticeship] program. Technology has driven much of this change and continues to shatter old boundaries. As agricultural enterprises have become much larger, with an expanded workforce, additional management positions are being created. You'll have the edge over the traditional farm equipment apprenticeship graduates because you'll have completed an additional four-months of training on the latest, cutting-edge John Deere technology.

Did you know Fanshawe consistently ranks high in graduation employment rates among large colleges in Ontario? 

Here’s an example of an employment opportunity for students and graduates of Fanshawe’s Agricultural Equipment Technician (Block Release) [Apprenticeship] program:

Licensed Agricultural Equipment Technician

Repair and maintain agricultural equipment including seeding equipment, harvesting equipment, tractors and tillage equipment.

Learning Outcomes

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Program Details

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Program Coordinator:

Peter Louwagie

Ontario College Certificate