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  • Overview

    Program Description

    Settlement Workers assist newcomers (immigrants and refugees) to settle into their communities and schools by providing direct, front-line services of support, information, referrals, advocacy, and orientation for families through the process of Settlement. Many of these families need assistance with housing, employment, legal assistance, clothing and food as well as education. Settlement Workers are employed in a variety of employment sectors, including; government offices, community agencies, libraries, churches and schools.

    Note: This program is fully online.

  • Courses

    Program Requirements

    Level 1
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses
      Expected Availability
      Credits Fall Winter Summer
    Foundations of Settlement WorkersHUMA-1016 3 No Yes
    In this course, the participants are introduced to the role of the Settlement Worker and their scope of practice. Through class discussion, lectures, & case scenarios, the learner will explore confidentiality & privacy, Settlement philosophies of best practices, legalities and role boundaries, case management, conflict resolution, cultural competency, cultural sensitivity, relationship building and the expectations of the Settlement Worker.
    Advocacy & ProfessionalismHUMA-1017 2 Yes No
    Settlement Workers need to advocate for the newcomers/immigrants to ensure their integration into their communities is successful. In this course the learner will participate in learning activities that demonstrate effective methods of advocating, ways to improve independence in their clients, how to mobilize/network for a resolution, protecting their clients from the media/exploitation and community building.
    Family/Individual Support ServicesHUMA-1018 3 No No
    This course will focus on the services and supports that the Community & Settlement Worker has available to newcomers/immigrants and will provide you with the skills and assertiveness to effectively navigate them. Topics include; youth in Settlement, role of family dynamics/gender in immigrants, family Settlement planning, adaptations in becoming a Canadian family, and preparing a needs assessment for your clients.
    Case Management & Settlement CounsellingHUMA-1019 2 No Yes
    In this course the learner will discuss case management in relation to a family centered approach for the Newcomer. Settlement counselling will be discussed, in relation to effective counselling skills, individual and family counselling and employment counselling.
    Family/Individual Finances for NewcomersFINA-1043 2 Yes No
    This course examines the following finances; everyday banking, loans, insurance, housing expenses, budgeting, long term planning, taxes, investments and contracts and leases. Through discussion and case studies the learner will participate in creating household budgets, the rights and responsibilities associated with finances, consumer protection, and available sources of funding.
    Interviewing for Settlement WorkerDEVL-1037 3 No Yes
    This course will focus on interview skills, including the first intake meeting and establishing a professional relationship with your client. Other topics, that will be covered include, rapport and trust building, open ended versus closed ended interview questions, non-verbal communication, and managing client expectations.
    Safety & Life Skills for NewcomersSFTY-1045 3 No No
    This course focuses on the integration of Newcomers into the Canadian way of life. Through discussions and group work the following topics will be addressed; driving, safety in the home, weather and seasons, neighbourhood safety, internet safety, emergency services, food safety, and transportation systems.
    Canadian Law, Culture & IntegrationLAWS-1053 3 Yes No
    The course will focus on Canadian Law; including rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens, social and political participation and elections. Canadian culture will also be addressed and how a newcomer would integrate into the Canadian culture and still maintain some of their own cultural heritage. Religion will also be discussed in this course.
    Health & Well-BeingHLTH-1160 3 No No
    In this course, the learner will study the following topics; health and well being, including healthy eating, and lifestyle, dental health, public health issues, addictions and prevention, and mental health.
    Program Residency
    Students must complete a minimum of 6 credits in this
    program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
    requirement and graduate from this program.