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Microcredential Series Description

Within the Leadership Series, learn to lead through learning new outlooks and looking at ones self in leadership. Deepen your understanding of assertive leadership, the value of it, and gain strategies to employ it. This series of courses defines what inclusive leadership entails and examines associated concepts surrounding diversity and equitable treatment. To lead is through example; examine ones ability to lead with heart encompassing empathy and a genuine appreciation of a team that is minus blame, judgement, or assumptions. Examine one's self-awareness and emotional intelligence as a foundation for being a mindful leader who strengthens a focused, creative, and thoughtful team. Examine transformational leadership and develop strategies to integrate it into ones professional environment. All this and more covered in the Leadership Series.


Microcredential Series Requirements

Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
MGMT-1309Assertive Leadership
Within this course, students consider their behavioural styles and discuss how to adapt their styles to confidently lead a team with authority without alienating team members. Students learn the skills to be active leaders who are clear, direct, and concise in their roles. Students examine the notions of being responsible for choices made and actively engaging people. The value of mutual respect, assertive communication, leading the way, and strong, productive relationships at all levels is also addressed. Student review assertive leadership strategies specific to ensuring teams meet both their individual and organizational goals. Learning Outcomes: - Define what Assertive leadership is and its importance today. - Implement leadership qualities into your personal and professional life with confidence and ease. Total Course Hours - 3
MGMT-1297Heart Centered Leadership
This course examines leadership that is founded on heart-based thinking with a platform of positivity that fosters loyalty and a genuine caring for one's team. Within this course, students develop the courage and strength to lead from a place of honesty, kindness, and humility. Heart-centered leadership finds in roots in trust, emotional connections, and mutual perseverance. With this as their stage, students examine their ability to lead with authenticity and compassion and define what it means to be human as a leader who truly leads with heart. Learning Outcomes: - Define what heart-centered leadership is and its importance in today's society. - Implement leadership qualities into your personal and professional life with confidence and ease Total class hours - 3
MGMT-1298Inclusive Leadership
This course examines inclusive leadership, a leadership form that is characterized by leaders who strive to ensure equitable treatment within their team. Students examine what equitable treatment means and how it encourages belonging and unity. Students learn what it means to cultivate an inclusive leader's commitment and attentiveness to supporting diversity. Key topics of discussion include diversity, cultural sensitivity, open-mindedness, non-judgment, overcoming bias, and team. Students identify techniques to be collaborative and progressive leaders who embrace change continually and work to be inclusive of all. Learning Outcomes: - Define what inclusive leadership is and its importance in today's society. - Explain and identify how inclusive leadership relates to diversity, inclusion, equality and empowerment. Total Course Hours - 3
MGMT-1299Mindful Leadership
This course explores mindfulness as a tool for cultivating a present, engaged, and centered leader. Students learn that mindful leadership is leading with purpose while nurturing a team's focus, encouraging creativity, and modelling compassion. Students examine their emotional intelligence and strengthen their ability to enhance team focus and clarity though mindfulness. Students identify that a mindful leader is keenly self-aware and cultivates self-worth amongst team members. Students further refine mindfulness skills that emphasize well-being and attentiveness as the core of an effective team. Learning Outcomes: - Define what mindful leadership is and determine one's own emotional intelligence and level of self-awareness. - Analyze strategies to remain focused and present. Total Course Hours - 3
MGMT-1310Transformational Leadership
This course reviews the driving characteristics of transformational leadership centred around inspiration, connection, encouragement and motivation. Students learn how transformational leaders inspire their teams to achieve goals, motivate them to be to be successful, and encourage them to be innovative. Students examine strategies to build team morale and develop rapport with a focus on a group's well-being. Approaches to maintaining positive team dynamics and developing a strong work culture are practised. Learning Outcomes: - Examine concepts of transformational leadership in relation to oneself. - Identify strategies that focus on enhancing a team's well-being, motivation and innovation. - Identify ways to create a team environment that is motivational and inspirational. Total Course Hours - 3

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