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Microcredential Series Description

Within the Social Media Marketing Series, students will learn how to create effective content through best practices, and open their horizon to the endless tools and tactics available to create the best social media strategy.

The microcredential courses in the Social Media Marketing Series complement one another, but do not act as prerequisites.


Microcredential Series Requirements

Social Media Mktg
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
MKTG-1137Ad Campaigns On Facebook & Instagram
Social media marketing is at the forefront of digital marketing and for good reason. Students will learn the ads platform, how to select a targeted demographic audience, how to set a budget and duration as well as choosing a specific location for ads to appear. In this course you will: Learn how the ads platform is designed. Create a targeted ad campaign within the ads platform. Identify an appropriate demographic profile, budget, duration and location for the campaign. Identify ROI for each campaign based on metrics. Total Course Hours - 6
MKTG-1114Facebook & Instagram Business Suite
Students will learn how the Facebook Business Suite supports the growth and development of Facebook and Instagram business accounts. Students will learn how posts, scheduling and interactions are delivered through the Business Suite. Students will have the opportunity to work directly in the platform to design and interact via Facebook Business Suite. Learning Outcomes: Explain how the Facebook Business Suite supports both Instagram and Facebook for business. Develop a strategy to deploy across both Facebook and Instagram. Total Course Hours - 6
MKTG-1138Influencer Marketing
Within this course, students will learn about influencer marketing and how to identify and connect with influencers that will help their business or brand grow. Students will learn about how to create influencer partnerships, how to create influencer campaigns and how to drive and measure the success of their campaigns. Learning Outcomes: Identify and define influencers to target and partner with based on specific brands or businesses. Identify the difference between micro and macro influencers, brand ambassadors and bloggers. Learn how to track and measure the ROI of your influencer campaign. Total Course Hours - 6
MKTG-1115LinkedIn for Business Promotion
Within this course, students will learn how to create and manage the different sections within a LinkedIn profile. They will learn how to build their personal brand and generate business leads through the LinkedIn platform. Students will learn how to find and connect with the right target audience for their business. Learning Outcomes: Learn about LinkedIn best practices and how to optimize your business profile. Learn how to build and promote posts on LinkedIn. Identify marketing opportunities on LinkedIn and how they integrate with other social media platforms. Total Course Hours - 6.
MKTG-1139Social Media Content 101
Within this course, students will learn how to create effective content and how to manage content across various social media platforms. Students will learn about content creation best practices, useful tools and how to create a content calendar. They will also learn how to optimize content to drive engagement and build brand loyalty. Learning Outcomes: Identify social media content creation strategies. Learn about the power of storytelling through social media content. Learn how to use third party social media management tools to plan a long-term goals. Total Course Hours - 6
MKTG-1140Social Media Strategy
Within this course, students will learn how to successfully create a social media marketing strategy that will help a business market their product or service across various social media platforms. Students will learn about creating engaging social media content that will build a community and dedicated following. They will also learn how to effectively promote a business and sell on social media. Learning Outcomes: Develop a social media strategy that will focus on marketing goals and objectives. Demonstrate how to use various social media platforms to effectively engage with a target audience. Design a social media marketing plan that focuses on how to engage, promote and sell a product or service. Total Course Hours - 6
MKTG-1141Social Media Toolkit
Learners will discover just how many social media tools exist and how each tool can integrate and provide support to a social media strategy. Students will learn about tools like HootSuite, Canva, Sprout Social, Buffer and how they can deliver on KPIs within an organization. Learning Outcomes: Identify the components of social media tools available in the industry. Demonstrate an understanding of how to connect social media tools to specific platforms. Total Course Hours - 6
MKTG-1116YouTube for Business
Within this course, students will learn how to create a successful YouTube channel, create engaging videos, optimize videos for higher visibility, learn about YouTube SEO and monetize their channel. Learning Outcomes: Create a YouTube strategy that examines different tactics to build and optimize a business channel. Demonstrate the ability to create successful YouTube videos. Learn how to scale a YouTube business through SEO, customer engagement, conversions and monetization. Total Course Hours - 6

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