More than 3,000 Fanshawe College students from nearly 100 different programs graduate into the labour market every year providing companies with a pool of skilled and motivated employees. As the demand for newly skilled workers increases, companies are becoming increasingly reliant on new talent graduating from college. Yet many employers feel that graduates have little concept of the "real world" of work.

Co-operative Education at Fanshawe is designed to bridge the gap between education and the work place by integrating academic studies with paid work experience and on- the- job application of theory.  Students alternate semesters in college with work semesters in co-operating businesses and industries.  More than just a job, the co-operative work experience is actually part of the students' curriculum, and their on-the-job performance becomes part of their academic record. Therefore, Co-op students are highly motivated to apply their skills and perform well in the work place.

Co-op students are looking ahead to careers in companies like yours. They're not expecting to simply put in time on the job, but are eager to get involved and make a worthwhile contribution. As an employer you have the opportunity to try out a student's capabilities without obligation or commitment to permanent employment.

What are the benefits for employers?

Eligible employers may qualify for the Co-operative Education Tax Credit which will reimburse your business 25 to 30 percent of eligible costs, up to $3,000 for each co-operative education work term. You have an opportunity to assess co-operative education employees without any obligation, which turns out to be a low-cost personnel recruitment strategy. 

  • You want trained employees. Who better to train them than you in partnership with Fanshawe College?
  • Co-operative Education gives you an opportunity to give back to the community. At the same time you advance your business goals by working with knowledgeable, committed students who bring fresh energy and ideas to your workplace.

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