Wednesday, December 22, 2021
Military connected campus

Looking for a quick way to transition your military-connected experience into a civilian career or interested in learning more about military leadership and communication styles? You may have heard of microcredentials. These short, online courses are flexible to your schedule and tailored to develop resume-worthy specific skills.

You are military-connected if you are:

  • A current, serving member or veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces looking to transition to  civilian life
  • A serving reservist
  • A Civil Servant of the Department of National Defence
  • A foreign military veteran
  • An employer who hires military-connected people

Beginning in January 2022, Fanshawe will offer the following microcredentials for military-connected students, employers, career specialists or anyone interested in maximizing their communication and leadership skills. Learn more and register at the links below:

Benefits of the microcredential communication series to military-connected students:

  • Customized, flexible and practical training provided to help military-connected students effectively transition from military to civilian life
  • Learn how to adapt existing communication, leadership and teamwork skills to be compatible with civilian employment
  • Identification and understanding of communication similarities and differences between military and civilian organizations

Check out other Microcredential Digital Badges Fanshawe has to offer! Learn something new and share your digital badge when you do! 

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