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Micro-credentials are flexible, bite-sized learning opportunities typically delivered online for fast, focused upskilling. Learn more about what a micro-credential is.

How People Use Micro-credentials

People have found micro-credentials helpful for many reasons. Many are using them to reach career goals, while others are using them to meet personal goals.

Career Advancement

These learners are interested in growing their skills and knowledge to advance their careers and improve their income. While career advancement is a goal many professionals have, it can be difficult to determine how to advance your career. Micro-credentials offer an easy way to earn credentials as individual badges or series badges that learners can share with employers and display on social media such as LinkedIn. Because micro-credentials offer flexible part-time learning opportunities, they are a good option for someone who is already working full-time but wants to earn credentials to achieve their career advancement goals.


What I liked best about the delivery is that I can take them at my own pace. Work life is busy and home life is busy so it was really nice to work on them at my pace over the time they were being delivered.

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Career Changing

Interested in making a career switch? You might fall under this category. These learners may already have an established set of skills but are looking to build on these with additional knowledge to transition to a different career where they can earn more or do something new. Micro-credentials allow learners to take one badge at a time but several badges can also be stacked to earn a series badge that will demonstrate a wider breadth of knowledge in a subject. Micro-credentials work well for career changers because of their flexible nature and lower cost. Learners can balance their current career and personal life while also taking micro-credentials to reach their goal of changing careers. Plus, most micro-credentials are eligible for OSAP!


I think the micro-credentials that I chose to pursue are going to help me further my career because they have filled the minor gaps in my knowledge and skill set that I think were missing in my resume.

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Early Career Upgrading

For those who are still in the early phases of their career, but are interested in improving their income and building skills in their current career, micro-credentials can help. Those who are early on in their careers will have a good idea of paths they can take to land the roles that interest them. Micro-credentials can help these learners upskill and gain the knowledge and credentials needed to pursue their career-upgrading goals.

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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learners are interested in keeping their minds sharp and their knowledge current. They typically use micro-credentials to reach personal goals rather than professional ones and as an opportunity to meet others who share similar interests. Micro-credentials make great opportunities for this type of learner because they are bite-sized learning opportunities that can be taken as interests arise. These learners can pursue multiple micro-credentials in similar topics and switch to something new as the desire arises. Micro-credentials allow this type of learner to pursue their personal goals when they have time and interest without a large upfront investment.

There are many ways in which micro-credentials can help you reach your professional and personal learning goals. To read more about the benefits of micro-credentials, check out the top 6 reasons to take a micro-credential.

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