Thursday, November 16, 2023

If you’re already working full-time and balancing a busy family life, you might wonder how you could make room for education on top of everything. Fanshawe’s microcredentials are here to help. Microcredentials are short in duration and offer the ability to improve upon targeted, in-demand skills with a shareable digital badge. Some microcredentials are even eligible for OSAP funding. Learn more about what a microcredential is.

Why are microcredentials perfect for part-time learning?

Less time in class

Typical part-time learning allows a person to spend less time in the classroom each week, leaving room for other responsibilities, like work and family. This is one of the reasons why employers love microcredentials for upskilling employees. Microcredentials are shorter in duration as well, and although they vary, they average about 12 hours total over four weeks. Spending less time in the classroom each week will leave you more time for other important aspects of life.

Short duration

Because courses take an average of only four weeks, you’ll receive your credential sooner. Despite the short length, you will still receive a digital badge at the end of the microcredential that you can share with your employer and on platforms like LinkedIn. This makes it easy to schedule microcredentials around busy seasons in your life or job. When things let up, you can then take another microcredential badge, and start stacking your microcredentials toward a series badge.

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Once you’ve completed all the microcredentials in a series, you’ll earn a series badge that will help demonstrate your mastery in a particular area to current and future employers.

Learn online

Many of Fanshawe’s microcredentials are available online, so you don’t have to worry about transportation and time spent travelling to a campus. Rather, take the microcredential where it is most convenient for you.

Targeted Upskilling

Microcredentials focus on a particular skill, enabling you to zero in on the skills that are most critical to success in your industry. Plus, microcredentials are designed to focus on in-demand industry skills, so you know you’ll be receiving valuable training for the future of your career. Either take just the individual microcredential you need or stack multiple microcredentials over time to earn a series badge.


Combined, these aspects of microcredentials make them the ideal choice for someone looking to bolster their career potential through part-time learning while also managing full-time work, family, and other life commitments.


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