Thursday, November 23, 2023

If you’re an employer, ensuring your employees’ knowledge and training are up to date can be a challenge. You have to balance time spent training with time spent working so that work remains consistent and efficient. Not only that, but the costs for long-term programs can often be prohibitive and employees end up spending time and money on classes that aren’t focused on the skill they’re trying to improve. If you avoid upskilling employees, you could end up with a workforce that’s not using the latest techniques or technologies and falling behind the curve.

That’s where microcredentials can help. There are a lot of great reasons to choose microcredentials to help enhance your employees’ skills. They’re focused, bite-sized units of learning presented as badges, which accumulate to form a series. Individual microcredentials target a specific area that an employee is looking to improve in, meaning they are shorter and don’t require as much time or financial commitment as other professional development options, making them the perfect way to affordably upskill employees with the most up-to-date information in your industry. Additionally, Fanshawe’s microcredential offerings are based on industry demands so students are getting valuable training for future projects. Learn more about what a microcredential is.

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Employers’ Biggest Questions About Upskilling Employees with Microcredentials

Can I register a group of my employees in a microcredential series as a cohort?

Yes, we support and encourage employees looking to register their employees in a group to complete a microcredential badge or series as a cohort. To do this, please reach out to us directly.

How will I know when employees or potential employees have completed a microcredential badge or series?

Individuals who have completed a microcredential will receive a digital badge. This digital badge can be displayed online or shared via LinkedIn. The badge lists the credential they have received. If they have completed a series, they will receive a badge denoting which series they have completed.

What is the cost and time commitment required for me to support an employee completing a microcredential badge?

Something that draws so many employers to Fanshawe’s microcredentials is their affordability combined with minimal time commitment. Prices vary by microcredential, but on average, a microcredential badge costs just $160. As for time commitment, they require only a few hours to a few weeks to complete. If you’re looking for efficient upskilling, this is it.

What is the delivery method for microcredentials? Will my staff be able to study around their busy work schedules to complete a microcredential?

Most of our microcredentials are delivered online, making it easy for an employee to join their class from their office, a meeting room, or their own home. Due to the minimal time commitment required, students can balance learning with work and complete their microcredential badge without sacrificing their day-to-day responsibilities.


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