Partnering with colleges on research and innovation projects benefits everyone.

Industry Partners

  • get practical solutions to real challenges;
  • access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities;
  • reap the benefits of experienced students and enriched faculty;
  • contribute to the revitalization of the local, regional and global economy.
"The partnership with Fanshawe has been a critical step in moving our business forward into new markets."
Brandon Doneff, CEO, Medics Little Helper.


  • stay current in their area of expertise;
  • integrate research into the curriculum by obtaining case studies from interactions with companies;
  • provide students with the chance to develop their research skills through curriculum integrated projects and capstone collaborations.
"Applied research and innovation brings richness to what we do. It gives us the resources beyond traditional college funding to increase our services and add value to our operation."
Lois Wey, Retired Senior Manager Counselling and Accessibility Services, Fanshawe College.


  • gain real-world experience while solving real-life problems;
  • acquire added skills and expertise to include on resumés;
  • learn practical skills that are attractive for the competitive job market.
"Fanshawe College has given me the opportunity to jumpstart my career, institute a positive and motivated work ethic, while bringing new innovative ideas to future employers."
Chet Alden, Electrical Engineering Technology Student.

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