Fanshawe offers the flexibility of studying several Ontario college diploma and graduate certificate programs part-time with many also available online! To apply for any of the following programs, go to

Already accepted into a post-secondary program on a part-time basis?

Part-time diploma programs

Business - BUS1 (Online)

Business - Accounting - BAC2 (Online)

Business - Finance - BFN4 (Online)

Business - Human Resources - BHR1 (Online)

Business - Marketing - BMK1 (Online)

Early Childhood Education - ECE1 (In-class, St. Thomas)

Office Administration - Executive - OAE3 (Online)

Office Administration - General - OAG1 (Online)

Practical Nursing - PNG5 (In-class, London or Woodstock)

Part-time graduate certificate programs

Human Resources Management - HMG1 (Online)

Information Security Management - ISM1 (Online)

Marketing Management - MKM1 (Online)

Professional Financial Services - FSP1 (Online)

Project Management - PRJ1 (Online)

Retirement Residence Management - RRM1 (Online)

Supply Chain Management - Logistics - SCM3 (Online)

Taking an Ontario College diploma on a full-time basis normally takes two years to complete, while an on Ontario College graduate certificate is normally completed in one year. Taking the program on a part-time basis will take longer to complete depending on how many courses and consecutive terms you choose to enroll.

Completing two courses per term will allow you to achieve a graduate certificate in three years and a diploma in six years. You can finish faster by taking three courses per term every term courses are offered, including the summer term. You will be able to register in one to three courses each term.

Because these are Ontario College credentials, your education background needs to be assessed to make sure you meet all of the academic admission requirements for the program.

  • Students who go through this admission process have exclusive access to certain part-time courses;
  • You can apply to both full and part-time programs at Fanshawe or any college within Ontario;
  • Once we have your transcripts, we keep them for years so you can apply to other programs in future without having to start the whole process from the beginning;
  • As a formally registered student, you are connected to our admission staff to assist you with any questions you have throughout the process.

Yes! The Ontario Student Assistance Program is available for part-time studies. Find out if you're eligible at You may also be eligible for bursaries through Financial Aid and Awards as well.

Online learning requires a different set of learning strategies than being in a classroom with a teacher providing instruction. Fanshawe has put together a number of tools and resources under Online and Distance Learning to help you assess your online readiness, including a free online quiz at