• Overview - 2018/2019

    September intake only.

    If you've already made the noble career choice to work in the Early Childhood Education field, and are looking to build on your current successes, Fanshawe's Childhood Development Practitioner [Apprenticeship] program has been specifically designed for you. Available in a blended format, with some online classes and some face-to-face evening classes.

    Upon completion of the program, you'll have earned your Early Childhood Education Ontario College Certificate, where your already polished skills will be taken to a higher level. Because of the Apprenticeship component of the program, you'll gain meaningful experiences in programs such as child development and best practices in early childhood, the early childhood educator's role and responsibilities, the importance of play in children's learning, family involvement and curriculum design and implementation. Your practicum will expose you to a wide variety of age groups and multiple organizations. You'll have had dynamic and eclectic experiences that will make you more valuable to your current or future colleagues.

    Childhood is a time of tremendous growth and learning. There's no reason why you shouldn't keep growing and learning, too.


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